Sunday, April 9, 2023

Khartoum! The movie trailer for Little Wars


The Dervish scale the walls of Khartoum
54mm figures largely from Armies In Plastic

I made a new movie trailer on iMovies for the running of my Khartoum! game at this year's Little Wars convention in Lisle, Illinois on April 27-30, 2023. The convention venue is at the Sheraton Lisle Naperville Hotel (3000 Warrenville Rd. Lisle, IL)

You can find more information about HMGS Midwest at Little Wars

The new movie trailer is about one minute long but it is jam packed with some great pictures and a stirring musical accompaniment. The file size is too big to post on Blogger, but you can watch the film by clicking on the YouTube link below:

Khartoum Movie Trailer

I will be running Khartoum! three times at Little Wars:

Event #185        Thursday at 6PM    SOLD OUT

Event #183        Friday at 10AM        2 slots available

Event #184        Saturday at 10AM    4 slots available

The Thursday evening game tickets are sold out as of this writing, but there are still several tickets left for the other two games. Each game allows for 12 players.

If you are at the convention, but are not playing in the game, stop by anyway and say hello. Sometimes players pre-register and don't show up, so there is still a chance that you might get in.

I will also be running at least three games at Historicon and probably a fourth. I want to see how my stamina holds up over three games before entering my events at Historicon. But I will be there!

Finally, here are several teaser pictures of the play test game that we ran last week:


  1. Everything about your 54mm Khartoum game looks stunning, as always Jim. I will head off to YouTube at some point and watch the trailer too!

  2. A fine trailer, worthy of the occasion and of the movies it emulates.

  3. Wonderful model soldier work and great movie trailer. Awesome Jim!