Sunday, June 13, 2021

2nd New Hampshire Regiment At Saratoga


The 2nd New Hampshire Regiment at Freeman's Farm.
Fife and Drum Miniatures.

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The Saratoga Project continues to advance at a rapid pace with new units being added at a pace of one week for each new regiment of figures. The British and Brunswick contingents are largely completed and so I am now pointing my brushes towards the American side. This past week I finished the 30-figure 2nd New Hampshire regiment.

The 2nd NH Regiment in a more bosky setting surronded by trees.

Close up view of the regiment. Click the picture to enlarge the view. Look closer at the second stand from the left and notice that in the front rank the officer, drummer, and soldier in the "at the ready" position have all had head conversions to give them round hats instead of tricorn hats.

On the third stand from the left, in the second rank, the figure with the ram rod is a head conversion. The gentleman in the red waistcoat is from the Armed Civilian pack. In the front row, the soldier biting the cartridge is a conversion of one of the British light infantry figures.

Some of the other figures in the regiment include those from the American Militia CA-001 pack wearing round hats; British Guards skirmishers wearing round hats with feather. I wanted approximately half of the regiment to wear round hats.

2nd NH Regiment standing in front of a Grand Manner log cabin and a blacksmith shop scratch built by Ed Phillips.

The 2nd New Hampshire Regiment is missing its colors, which will be supplied by GMB Designs (the best looking flags bar none - of other commercial or professionally-painted flags). The regiment actually lost its colors earlier in the Saratoga Campaign when they were captured by the British at Fort Ticondaroga in 1777.

Here are some pictures of the colors carried by the 2nd New Hampshire during the 1777 campaign season. Thanks to Bill Nevins and Ken Marshall for creating these flag images. Please feel free to download and use these flags on your regiments.

I have been on a head swap frenzy these past several weeks. I wanted to have more round hats in my Continental regiments because this style of headgear was commonly used. I liked how they look so much that I will be adding Continentals in Round Hats to the Fife and Drum Miniatures range in the near future, avialable in both regular uniform coats and hunting shirts. Stay tuned to my blog for more information about these new figurs.

Next on the painting table: the 1st New Hampshire Regiment in dark green coats and overalls, with red waistcoats and facings. They are a rather smart looking regiment.


  1. Excellent painting and display of figures Jim.

    Willz Harley.

  2. A fine looking unit there! I always enjoy seeing your figures in game situ too.

  3. Beautiful figures!
    Would you consider producing a few packs of heads in different headgear? This would stop beheading perfectly good figures! 😂

  4. They look great. Ready to stand along side the 1st NH and see off the Brits.

  5. Gosh, you finished these quickly and they look fabulous.
    Regards, James