Monday, November 2, 2020

My New Skirmish Game Table


Farmer Ansell's farmstead near the town of Miller's Crossing, somewhere in Pennsylvania.

I recently set up a dedicated skirmish level game table in my basement that I can use for rules testing and small war games with my family or for solo play.

The table measures 5ft by 4 ft and is topped by a Cigar Box Battle Mat. The mat has some nice cornfields, wheat fields, forest areas and roads printed on it. The mat provides some useful variety in terrain. The table currently has a setup for an AWI skirmish game between the local militia and a couple of companies of British Light Company soldiers.

A view of my game room. The skirmish game table is located back in the corner of the room.

The village of Miller's Crossing.

The above picture depicts the little village of Miller's Crossing. Miller's Tavern is located in the center of the table and the Ansell farmstead is shown near the upper corner. Two companies of American militia are deployed on the road perpendicular to Miller's Tavern. A small company (8 figures) of riflemen have advanced up the road on the right to to discomfit the advancing company of British light infantry, who are advancing through Miller's Cornfield. . A second Light Company is advancing through Ansell's Cornfield. Unbeknownst to the American rebels, there is a company of the 71st Highland Regiment hiding in the woods on the far left. They are biding their time to either spring an ambush or advance on the flank of the militia. Another company of American militia are advancing up the road to Miller's Tavern.

American riflemen move up the road to harass the British light infantry.

Aerial view of the table reveals the location of the British light company attackers.

Rebel militia reinforcements double quick to the crossroads.

I will be playing the game using the AWI variant of my Kleine Krieg skirmish rules. If anyone wants to be a play tester of the rules then send me an email at and I will send you a PDF copy of the rules. The rules have been changed to remove the card draw initiative and phasing system, replacing it with a dice-based game system. I would like to get these rules published in the near future and only need some independent rules testers to give them a try and seek out any bugs or inconsistencies in the rules.


  1. A really lovely table layout there!

  2. I envy your beautiful table (and home!) - good luck to those light bobs!

  3. This is a very handsome gaming setup!

  4. That’s an absolutely stunning table, Jim. If you get tired of skirmishing, you could dim the lights and sic the headless horseman on Ichabod Crane.

  5. A brilliant looking game (searching for an adjective that was not already taken!).
    The detail on that room makes it look almost real, I don't know how you fitted it all into the model... :)
    Seriously though, your den looks like a wonderful place to completely lose yourself.
    Regards, James

  6. Very nice little set up. And a nice comfy chair to sit down and doze afterwards.

  7. Excellent Jim, great looking set up.

  8. Quarters fit for a Field Marshal! And a pretty little battlefield to boot.


  9. A very nice setup - you have a most civilized man cave

  10. What they all said! Sorry late to this party but love the set up. Very appropriate that you have your oil painting "A Sympathetic Hand" just to the top left overlooking the British Light Infantry on the table. Don't know if it will work but here is a link to a PDF of detailed images of the painting on my art website
    or if not I can send one to anyone who asks if they email me