Friday, October 30, 2020

A Wagon Train Vignette

Prussian supply convey is escorted by Hussars. Bosniaken lancers
in the background form the rear guard.

I set up a small photo shoot on my game table that features the Fife and Drum munitions wagon being escorted by the new Minden Prussian Hussars with shouldered sword poses. Some of the Minden pioneers and laborers are included to set the backdrop to the scene.

Close up view of the munitions wagon, a very lovely model.

I’m also really jones-ing on those Bosniaken lancers and can’t wait to add another 12-figure squadron to brigade with my Black Hussars.


  1. Yes! Noting like some 30mm (or in this case 1/56) mid-19th century transport. So, when are you starting on those dozen bosniaken?

    Best Regards,


  2. Superb set-up. So many wonderful figures, buildings and terrain pieces in one scene!
    Regards, James

  3. Beautiful setup showcasing an uncommon (and under-represented) aspect of 18th Century warfare!