Sunday, October 27, 2019

Painted Samples of the Newest Minden Figures

For the past several days I have been burning out my paint brushes trying to paint samples of all of the new Minden SYW figures that I received from Griffin Moulds last week.

So far, I have finished three of the new Prussian hussars: the officer and trooper wearing busbies and the trumpeter wearing a mirliton hat. Note that all hussar trumpeters wore the mirliton even if they were in a regiment that wore busbies.

The figures, below, in busbies are painted as the HR1 Szeckly Hussar regiment in Prussian service. I have always wanted to have this regiment in my SYW Prussian army, but had never gotten around to painting it.

However, the new Minden hussars in the "shouldered sword" pose are the right ticket and so I chose to paint them as the Green Hussars.

(Left to Right) Officer, trumpeter, hussar trooper.

Reverse view of the first picture.

If you are a member of the Fife and Drum Miniatures forum then you will have already seen these painted samples.

The new hussar figures come with busby fur hats or the tall felt mirliton hat. The product codes in the web store are as follows:

MPC-012 Hussar Command, Busbies  $12.00

MPC-013 Hussars in Busbies  $12.00

MPC-014 Hussar Command, Mirlitons  $12.00

MPC-015 Hussar in Mirlitons  $12.00

Click on the link to the Fife and Drum Miniatures web store to order these or any other figures:

All Hussar packs have two figures plus horses. I had Richard Ansell sculpt a new Hussar horse, complete with all Hussar bling, in a walking pose that looks very nice with the Hussars.

One of the forum members was complimentary of the brush work that I did on the hussar sabertaches, thinking that they were done free hand. Actually, Richard sculpted all of the detail on the sabertache, making it very easy to paint the Prussian royal cypher "FR". Likewise, the van dyking work on the shabraque has raised detail making it easy to paint the "teeth" pattern on the edge of the sabertache.

These new castings, along with the other new figures (Russian Horse Grenadiers and Ferdinand of Brunswick and Mounted Croat Officer) are now available for purchase in the Fife and Drum Miniatures web store. Click on the link provided in this post to go to the web store.


  1. I have HR1 in my 15mm Prussian army, yours look excellent, I am sure Zeiten would agree!!!

    1. Thank you, I plan on painting the rest of the regiment soon.

  2. Just lovely models and painting. They make me want to branch out away from North America in the 1770’s!