Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Battle of Freeman's Farm with LWTV

The game room at Little Wars TV Central is the best looking game room that I have ever seen, bar none.

One of my "following" blogs is The Lair of the Uber Geek and it is always a good read. So when a notification of a new post popped up on my screen, I did a quick click and checked in on what was new. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Miles (the Uber Geek) was hosting the AWI Battle of Freeman's Farm at no less than the home pitch of the Little Wars TV club house.

Click on the first link below to visit the LWTV web site to see an amazing club house and better yet, links to all of the You Tube podcasts that the group has done over the past two years.

Looking at the first picture at the top of this page, you can see just a small part of the LWTV clubhouse. It has a really nice ambiance what with wainscoting, Colonial Williamsburg style paint colors, nicely framed pictures and militaria gracing the walls. I like my own game room, but after seeing this one, I feel like I need to "up my game" and do a little bit of tiddying up.

I digress though, here is a link to Miles' account of the game that was played:

As an added bonus, the game largely featured Fife and Drum AWI Miniatures and you will have to forgive me for bragging, but the figures look very nice on the table top. The terrain ain't too bad either. The group also did a podcast video for the Battle of Princeton. Click on the link to view this video:

Lots and lots of Fife and Drum AWI figures graced the table for the Freeman's Farm game.

As long as we are talking about the 1777 Northern Campaign leading to the Battle of Saratoga, it seems like an appropriate time to announce that Fife and Drum Miniatures will be releasing a range of figures for the Saratoga Campaign. The first batch of figures will cover the British army with their cut down coats and unique head gear. Follow on releases will cover the Brunswick troops and a few surprises. I am estimating the first of the new figures will be released in early 2020, but don't hold me to that time table.


  1. The LWTV games room is a thing of beauty, as is yours. Over here in the UK we look on with envy at the space you guys have!

  2. It was a fun game - mainly because we had your beautiful miniatures on the table. They're wonderfully casted and a joy to paint. Looking forward to expanding my little force and for more AWI at the club.