Tuesday, September 24, 2019

I've Got Too Many SYW Dragoons! Sale

Some of those annoying dragoons causing problems for Old Fritz

I have too many SYW dragoons in stock because Old Fritz double ordered some of the figures from the caster. Doh!

Well, my mistake becomes your benefit because Fife and Drum/Minden Miniatures is going to offer a 10% discount for any of the following product codes from September 24th to October 18th, 2019:

MAC-003  Austrian Dragoon Command
MAC-004  Austrian Dragoons

MPC-004  Prussian Dragoon Command
MPC-005  Prussian Dragoons

MFC-003  French Dragoon Command
MFC-004  French Dragoons

MFC-009  Volunteers de Saxe Command
MFC-010  Volunteers de Saxe African Lancers
MFC-011  Volunteers de Saxe European Lancers

Click on the link to the Fife and Drum web store and select any of the above product codes. At checkout, enter the code Dragoon123 to get your 10% discount.

Please help me get rid of all of these dang dragoons. Their horses are eating me out of house and home and those unruly dragoons are keeping Mrs. Fritz up late at night. Mrs. Fritz is not happy.

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  1. Can't have The Memsahib upset, Jim. I've sent a small contribution towards "stabling" a few minutes ago! ;-) Cheers, Rohan