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South Carolina Campaign - Turn Eleven

A peaceful scene at Nelson's Ferry heading towards Camden.

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After a bit of a hiatus on the 1780 South Carolina Campaign game, I am back with reports on Turns 11 and 12. The campaign lasts 12 turns, so we have a winner, which will be disclosed in the next and final campaign report.

SC Campaign Map - Turn 11

British Moves - Turn 11 (* indicates units that moved)

* Tarleton moves 3 SPs from Winnsboro to Ninety Six

* Cornwallis moves 6 SPs from Kingston to Cheraw

* The Royal Navy lands 4SPs at Charleston

* Stewart moves 4SPs from Nelson's Ferry to Fort Watson and Fort Motte, leaving one extra SP at  Fort Watson and joins the 2SPs already at Fort Motte to increase his force to a total of 6SPs.

Campbell remains at Savannah with 2SPs

O'Hara (new commander appointment) stays at Charleston with 6SPs

Maitland remains at Georgetown with 3SPs

Rawdon remains at Camden with 6 SPs

Cornwallis' army marches back to Cheraw after capturing Gates' entire army at Kingston, SC.

American Moves - Turn 11 (* indicates units that moved)

* DeKalb moves 6SPs from Fort Granby to Camden, to confront Rawdon's 6SPs

* DeKalb moves 1SP from Fort Granby to Ninety Six to reinforce Sumter's 2SPs

Sumter remains at Ninety Six and now has 3SPs with DeKalb's reinforcement.

* Pickens moves 3SPs from Dorchester to Nelson's Ferry to cut off Stewart from supply

* Marion moves 3SPs from Snow Island to Westbury on the road to Camden to cut Rawdon's supply

* Williams moves 3SPs from Charlotte, NC to Winnsboro, SC

Augusta Garrison - 1 SP

The vanguard of DeKalb's army heads towards Camden

Actions on Turn 11

DeKalb will have a battle with Lord Rawdon at Camden. Each side has 6SPs but there is a possibility that a local militia uprising could increase the American army by up to 3SPs.

Tarleton and Sumter have a potential confrontation at Ninety Six, where both have 3SPs. Since their forces are equal, Tarleton can not besiege Ninety Six. As a result, Tarleton declines to give battle.

Battle at Camden (Hobkirk's Hill)
DeKalb wins a crushing victory over Rawdon, who loses 3SPs during the battle. He is forced to retreat one dot north to Cheraw, where he can join Cornwallis' army. The American side gains +1SP to its army for winning the battle and a victory point as well.

The Battle of Hobkirk's Hill was reported on an earlier blog posting: Hobkirk's Hill Report

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