Monday, April 29, 2019

Little Wars Pix - Part 2

I signed up for two Friday games on Thursday evening using the Little Wars on-line registration. I found it to be easy-peasy to use. It shows you how many tickets are left in the game. Walk up registration was relatively easy too.

My one little nit to pick is that LW ran out of game programs early on Friday and they had to make a run to the printer to have some more made. I finally got my copy late in the afternoon on Friday. A little better planning would have prevented this glitch. Other than that, the convention staff did a really good job of putting on the show.

Here are the pictures that I took of various games at Little Wars on Friday April 26th. I did not go back to LW on Saturday, as I had originally planned, due to the weather forecast of two to five inches of snow coming in that morning and afternoon.

1920s Gangsters

The Foreign Legations in Peking
Herb Gundt's Gondor versus Harad game that I played in Friday morning.
I got to  command one of the Mamuk's. This was a really fun game.

Ed Harding's 28mm Jacobite game using Sharp Practice 2 rules.
I played in this game on Friday afternoon and, you guessed it, I had a lot of FUN!

Sharp Practice 2 by the Two Fat Lardies, North American Chapter.

My Jacobite command in the Sharp Practice game.

This is a game that I wish that I had played in:

18th Century Naval Game, looks like 15mm?

Each player gets one ship to command and a pilot's wheel. Looks like a rather nifty idea.

This was probably the most spectacular table terrain that I saw in the convention hall. It looks like it would have been a fun game to play in.

Some super eye candy here in this Pirates wargame.

Pirate game: one of the harbors.

Another harbor

A home for some Caribbean Indians, Cannibals perhaps?

Another view of the Pirate game.

This was a 28mm game featuring a fleet of Viking raiders landing in England.

19th Century Naval Game: one ship is named The Sultana, which was an ACW  riverboat paddle wheeler that met an unfortunate end. There is a British standard on one of the ships so this is probably a fictional 'what if' type of game.

Tod Kershner is hosting an ACW game with HO scale figures.

Jacobite Rebellion using 28mm paper soldiers.

Front view of the paper soldiers

This was a Battle of Zornforf Seven Years War game.
I am looking forward to next year's Little Wars convention. I think that I will run a game or two next year, something that I haven't done at LW in quite some time. The convention looks like it is well-attended and the logistics ran smoothly.


  1. The Boxer Rebellion game looks very similar to that I found in Miniature Wargames Issue 30 from away back.

  2. Some great looking games there. I confess I was quite keen to see you play Lord of the Rings - I've recently gotten hooked on it myself. Solid, objective-driven game, and the figures hold up quite well.