Monday, October 10, 2016

Day 8: Koenigstein Castle & Dresden

A drawing of Koenigstein by Canaletto, circa 1756.

Today we started our journey by taking a ride from Dresden to Pirna and a final destination at Festung Koenigstein.

Koenigstein provides a commanding view of the Elbe River.

Another view from Koenigstein looking at the back side.

One of the many Saxon 24 pound siege guns. Note the traditional Saxon carriage colors of black with yellow iron work.

Can you identify these people, circa the early 1730s?

Another view of the gentleman in red.

A gorgeous model of Augustus II's entourage for road travel done with figures of approximately 70mm.

Repairing a broken wheel.

The Saxon Garde du Corps surround the king. The common folk bow as the King passes.

A traveling wagon was not a spectacular parade coach. Note all the room for baggage storage.

The Liebkuirassiers escort the royal coach.

The King riding his white steed. 

More Garde du Corps.

And now for a couple of pictures of Dresden. We spent several hours visiting the Residence Museum of the reign of Augustus the Strong. Dresden is a beautiful city and many of the historic buildings have been rebuilt since WW2 using the paintings of Canoletto as their guide.

Street scene in Dresden.

Restoration of the Royal Palace is nearly complete 

Mural depicting every ruler of Saxony from the beginning of time to the end of the monarchy.

Jeweled miniatures depicting the Grand Mogoul of India receiving his nobles. This display cost 60,000 Thalers in 1750 ( estimate) which was a veritable fortune in those days.

Display of Medievil Armor.

Turkish artifacts on display.


  1. Thanks so much for this interesting travelogue. I can't wait to see how it plays out when you get home. Thanks again. John B.

  2. More excellent pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Excellent update Jim, love the photos of the models

  4. I agree with all of the above comments.

  5. You asked above who are the figures.

    The men in red should be August II. of Poland (Friedrich August I. von Sachsen), the men in blue should be Friedrich Wilhelm I. of Prussia. The Lady between the two men could be the queen of Prussia because she has a typical prussian court robe in blue with silver or golden embroideries. (You may see dozens of these Robes in prussian palaces like Rheinsberg. Only the queen and the prussian princesses had them.)



    1. You got 2 out of 3 correct, congratulations! The woman is the daughter of Augustus II, but I don't recall her name. 😀

    2. Perhaps Gräfin Orzelska. Than I was wrong and the figure follows the painting by Pesne:
      Now I can see it clearly. The cuffs of the robe are not prussian enough. She met Friedrich Wilhelm I. and Friedrich (II.) when FW I. visited Dresden. August II. and FW I. were political enemies although they were allies during the last decade of the GNW.
      Perhaps your visit in Dresden will inspire you to paint a saxon army of the GNW. Battlefields of the time are well preserved like Großstresow on the island of Rügen. I'm glad that you visited the Königsstein. One of my favorit german fortesses.



  6. The second picture shows a good view on the mountain "Lilienstein" and the large field in front of it, called "Ebenheit" - that was the place, where the Saxon army surrendered on 16th October 1756 to the Prussians.
    Best regards,


  7. You must be having a great time...thanks for the all the pictures so far.

    I like the model of August II's entourage, giving me some ideas ...

  8. What a great trip, lovely places to visit, regardless of their history. Thanks for sharing your pics too.