Friday, October 7, 2016

Day 5: Hochkirch

We visited both Maxen and Hochkirch today and I want to have two separate threads on each battle to do them justice. We also visited Freiburg but much of the battlefield is covered with suburban sprawl and development, so it is not as interesting as the other sites.

The village of Hochkirch.

Hochkirch was fought in October 1758 and saw Frederick's army nearly getting captured en masse by the Austrian surprise attack at dawn. The Austrians attacked the Prussian position from four or five different directions in converging columns of attack across a ten mile long front. This new tactic was a complete departure from the traditional style of linear warfare. 

The Der Alter Fritz Gasthaus is closed and out of business.  There is a business opportunity for someone here.đŸ˜„

The tower of the Hochkirch church, which can be seen for miles from the town.

Entryway into the church courtyard, held to the very last man by Major Langen and the Margraf Karl regiment (IR19) a 2nd battalion.

Christopher Duffy (wearing the tie) explains what happened here.

The Bluttgasse where many an Austrian and Prussian died during fierce fighting for the village.

Langen's Gateway, where the Prussians made a sortie to escape.

Yes, those holes in the door are bullet holes. There are also six 12-pounder round shot buried in the walls of the church.

Inside the churchyard 

Three 12-pound shot were used for decoration on this wall.

Charles Grant (the Wargame rules author) points out the way to Tod Kershner (Age of Reason rules author)

The view outside of town towards the Prussian camp positions.

Entry to the church

Inside the village

Langen's Gateway.

Monument honoring Langen and his men



  1. Don't you have a church model based on this particular church? Too bad that Der Alter Fritz Gasthaus is out of business. Re your observation about a business opportunity, surely you don't mean. . . ??!!

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  2. Please note, the saxon town is Freiberg not Freiburg. Freiburg is in the south west of Germany and was a place of a very different battle (siege of Freiburg in 1744).

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