Thursday, July 21, 2016

Two Squares Are Better Than One - 3 Days to Go!

1st Brigade Square - Trophy Miniatures - Sinclair's Brigade

Two squares of British with machine guns on the corners and cavalry watching the flanks makes for a formidable defense against the Dervish (CLICK ON ALL PIX TO ENLARGE THE VIEW)
I decided to clear off my game table for yet a third time and see what the table would look like with two squares of British faced off against the Dervish. I also wanted to check out the spacing required for the squares to make sure that we have enough maneuvering room for the forces.

We are down to three days before the epic toy soldiers in the Sudan game takes place and I am getting very excited about the game. The pictures of two squares on the table should give you an idea of what the game might look like.

Here you can see two squadrons of lancer cavalry protecting the flank and rear of the British squares.

Hot air balloon view from overhead. This demonstrates how two squares can support one another with  rifle fire and machine guns. You can see how vulnerable the corners of the square are, which is why the machine guns are placed there. However, the adjacent square offsets the weakness of the corner by providing covering fire. Squadrons of Lancers patrol the flanks to keep the enemy away from the rear and corners.
The picture above reminds me a bit of the aeriel views shown during the movie Waterloo, when the French cavalry are surging around the British squares. This time it is angy Dervish who are doing the surging.

Two bands of Dervish launch an attack upon the squares.
Some reinforcements arrived in the mail today, for both sides. The Dervish received nine mounted horsemen to augment the cavalry while the British received a brace of machine guns to man the corners of a square. I hope that those guns don't jam!

A brace of machine guns arrived today to reinforce the British: Gatling Gun (left) and Maxim (right)

Some new Dervish cavalry that have recently joined the Mahdi (from Trophy of Wales).
A view of the game tables and my game room. I think that the Union Jack flag gets one in the mood for a good  old fashioned Colonial Bash with big 54mm toy soldiers.

Another pictue of the Trophy square. Note the dismounted camels in the center that represent the baggage that follows the square. They also provide a barrier in the event that the Dervish break into the square.

Come back tomorrow for more pictures.


  1. What a fun and different (for here!) game you have set up. Really looks the business!

  2. Two squares ARE better than one! Machine guns are cool too. Terrific looking collection, Jim.

  3. Looks like the 2nd gun is a maxim, that's not likely to jam. This getting to be a serious collection of toys. If many more reinforcements arrive you may have to clear away the tables and hit the floor, ir the back yard!

    Marvelous! and exciting!

    1. We're Maxim's generally not jamming? That would be a good thing to know before we start the game.

  4. The squares look great, like the positioning of the machine guns