Sunday, November 22, 2015

Winter Comes Early

Winter came early to Hesse Seewald this year. We received about 7-9 inches of snow on Saturday and it seemed like it would never end. However, in the light of a sunny day, the snowscape does have a certain beauty to it, as seen in these two pictures of my street. That said, I would still rather the snow wait until after Thanksgiving.

My painting mojo seems to have gone on vacation, perhaps to warmer climates, so now seems like a good time to catch up on things such as basing already-painted figures and packing Minden figures into individual bags.

I have a battalion of 32 GNW Russians (from Warfare Miniatures) sitting on my painting table right now, and while they are gorgeous looking castings, I can't seem to get up the resolve to start painting them. Maybe with a four day weekend coming up for the Thanksgiving holiday, there will be enough spare time to get my painting groove back. On the otherhand, after seeing how the figures look painted, curtesy of the talented brushwork of Barry Hilton, I might have to get the green paint out and give them a go.

Three battalions of 32 figures - GNW Russians, by Warfare Miniatures

A picture of a unit painted Russians shown on the Warfare Miniatures website. 
Click on the link below to visit the Warfare site:

I did a little sketch and recap of the forces that I will need for my Kolin game at next year's SYW Association convention and find that I am fairly close to having everything that I need. I have some Hungarian infantry and Croats coming from my contract painter, Alex Akers (who is also my nephew) and that should pretty much finish off the Austrian needs. I might add an extras 12 figure squadron to the two Saxon cheveauleger units that I painted earlier in the year.


  1. Apparently, per the 1708 regulations, every other man in the first line of a Russian battalion was armed with a pike. there were four lines.