Thursday, February 19, 2015

Seven Years War Association Convention Is Coming

Just a reminder that the SYWA Convention is fast approaching. Dean West has organized a terrific game list. See below for more info on location.
Paul Petri

Game List
Many attendees arrive at the convention on Thursday afternoon. In general, party atmosphere dominates the proceedings as old friends and new come together to set-up and arrange the tables in the game room and in general assure that all is in order for the convention official opening on Friday morning. Some game masters set-up their scenarios on Thursday evening, so that their battle is ready to begin promptly on Friday when a sufficient number of newly arrived members sign-up for the game. This year, there may very well be a "pick-up game" or two on Thursday evening if there is interest.
TABLE 1 – Seven Years War Battle in Western Germany: It is 1760, and a large French army under General Du Muy marches to take Prince Ferdinand's outnumbered Allied army in flank. The allies meanwhile maneuver to block the bold Frenchman's maneuver. Paul Petri hosts, using With Drums Beating rules and 10mm figures. 4 to 6 players
TABLE 2 – The Battle of Eutaw Springs, Sept. 8, 1781: We will refight this historical AWI battle using a scenario designed by the late Jim Mitchell, and using modified rules which combine Jim's Yankee Doodle rules with the late John Hill's Across a Deadly Field innovative Active-Passive turn sequence. The game is an opportunity to enjoy the war game design prowess of two of our greatest and departed gaming heroes. Patrick Lebeau hosts using 28 mm figures. 6 to 8 players
TABLE 3 – Action at Altenbrunsler: In an attempt to gobble up an isolated Hessian garrison at Altenbrunsler, Baron de Clozen has crossed the Eder River at Ellenburg with 6,000 men. The Hessian general Graf von Kanitz and his 1,500 men must either defend the town or attempt an escape. Alex Burn hosts, using Final Argument of Kings rules and 15mm figures. 2 to 4 players
TABLE 4 – U.S. Navy in the AWI: Each player will command one ship in a series of small scenarios: Break-out of the frigate USS Alliance; Yankee Privateers vs. Convoy and USS Alliance vs. Her Majesty's ships Atalanta & Trepassey. Lynn Langer hosts, using Age of Fighting Sail rules (brand new high resolution rules for single ship or squadron actions) and 1:1200 ships. 2 to 6
TABLE 5 – Blood on the Tundra – Set in 1740, Cossack servants of the Czar attempt to exterminate the Siberian Chukchis, but these Stone Age reindeer herders will not submit. It is a game of cat and mouse but who is hunting who? Chris Engel keeps it weird with this guerrilla war scenario using BOTT, guerrilla rules, and 15 mm figures. Up to 6 players
TABLE 6 – reserved for India game set-up
TABLE 7 – Great Northern War Battle: This scenario features beautiful Swedish and Prussian 28 mm figures. This game is hosted by
Danny Fogelman and Ken Bunger using Beneath the Lily Banner rules. 6 to 8 players
Table 8- The Battle of Cowpens – Tarleton and Morgan face-off in a refight of this historic AWI battle hosted by Michael Wedding,
using Guns of Liberty rules and 15 mm figures arrayed on a gorgeous terrain mat. 6 to 8 players
TABLE 1 – Get Them Wagons Runnin': AWI skirmish game hosted by Herb Gundt and Tom Osborn using modified Brother Against Brother rules and 28 mm figures. 4 to 6 players
TABLE 2 – continuation of Eutaw Springs. When concluded, Dean West will set-up a SYW game using Final Argument of Kings TABLE 3 – SYW Battle – Dale Wood and Scott Stensland host, using AOR rules and 15 mm figures.
TABLE 4 – Arethusa vs. Belle Paul; The first Anglo-French naval action of the AWI. This sea battle Hosted by Jeff Knudsen using Captains Bold rules (A beer and pretzels game of frigate duels) and 1:1200 ships. 2 players
On Table 4, a second Knudsen scenario will follow the small Arethusa vs. Belle Paul scenario:
Naval Action off Lagos, August 1759: What if De La Clues squadron had not become split-up the night before the battle? Could he have successfully engaged Boscowan's British and then joined Conflan's fleet for the invasion of Britain? Jeff Knudsen hosts using Admirals: A Game of Fleet Actions in the Golden Age of Fighting Sail and 1:900 ships. Up to 4 players
TABLE 5 – Anglo-Dutch War Naval Battle: A bloody confrontation at sea set in the late 17th century. Tod Kershner hosts using Warfare at Sea in the Age of Reason rules and 1/1200 Langton ships. 6 players
TABLE 6 – Battle of Bungapat: In India, the French are defending the religious rights of the Bungerite people from the intolerance of British East India Company and its forces. Juergen Olk hosts this massive battle, using Currycorne rules and 25 mm figures. This game will play out over both days of the convention and can accommodate a large number of players.
Table 7: Continuation of Great Northern War battle
Table 8 – Battle of Trenton: A refight of the famous AWI battle that gave the rebels hope. Hosted by Jim Purky using Fife & Drum rules, 30 mm figures, and custom made terrain by Herb Gundt. 4 players

9 AM to 6 PM SESSION/Break/GAMING UNTIL MIDNIGHT – We will break for Prof. Duffy's presentation, and then resume gaming TABLE 1 – Get Them Wagons Runnin': AWI skirmish game hosted by Herb Gundt and Tom Osborn using modified Brother Against Brother rules and 28 mm figures. 4 to 6 players
TABLE 2 – Ohio Frontier Aflame: The French & Indian War heats up in the Ohio Territory as the tribes go on the warpath. The scheming Europeans send their soldiers, frontiersmen, and Indians against opposing settlements. Mike Stelzer hosts this wide ranging battle using Song of Drums and Tomahawks rules, and 28 mm figures. 2 to 8 players
TABLE 3 – Chevert Attacks: On the eve of the main battle at Hastenbeck, French General Chevert leads an elite force of infantry against the strong points covering the Hanoverian right flank in the vicinity of Varonburg. A stiff fight ensues. Jude Becker hosts, using Age of Reason rules and 28 mm figure. 6 to 12 players.
TABLE 4 – Les Corsairs Francais: A group of Dunkerque corsair privateers escorting their prizes takes refuge in a cove in the English Channel, but are attacked there by a Royal Navy squadron intent on preventing them from escaping while recapturing those prizes. Jeff Knudsen hosts, using Away Boarders! rules and 1:600 ships. Up to 6 players
TABLE 5 – Attack of the Embattled Farmers: An AWI skirmish scenario inspired by the British retreat from Concord. In order to get their cargo safely across the game board, British regulars must run a gauntlet of fire brought down on them by "those damn rebels." Tod Kershner hosts, using Iroquois Terror rules and 28 mm figures. Up to 8 players
TABLE 6 – Battle of Bungapat Continues
TABLE 7 – Saving Pomerania!: King Frederick's territory of Pomerania has been invaded by Swedish forces. To resist the Nordic horde, the local Prussian commander scrapes together whatever local forces are available, largely second line troops, and marches to engage the foe. Ken Bunger hosts this game, using Tricorne rules and 28 mm figures. Up to 6 players
TABLE 8 – Snow in Silesia – King Frederick launches a Winter campaign in Silesia in hopes of decisively defeating Prince Charles of Lorraine's Austrians before the year 1758 ends. Jim Purky hosts, using Fife & Drum rules and 30 mm figures. Up to 8 players
TABLE 9 – Battle of Weigelstein: 42 mm SYW armies battle it out to claim Weigelstein. by Phil Petti and Alex Csukor host, using modified Charge! Rules. 4 to 6 players
TABLE 10 – The Battle of Schnitzelbank: The Prussians engage a powerful Austro-Russian army near Schnitzelbank. Todd Fisher and John Read host, using Empire & Revolution for the SYW and 15 mm figures. 6 to 8 players
At the conclusion of Professor Duffy's presentation which begins at 6 PM , the Teddy Bear game will commence on Table 4
TABLE 4 – Teddy Bear Game: Fur flies and paws flail as Freddy Bears struggle for battlefield dominance. Animal lovers Brian Vizek and Herb Gundt host, using ? rules and burly 28 mm figures. BRING YOUR TEDDY BEAR UNITS. 10 to 12 players
We're trying something new this year. On Saturday – each game master will have his own table for the day. Game masters should plan to set-up their games on Saturday morning (or Friday night if table is open). However, game masters can CHOSE when they wish to commence their game, as long as at least five games commence at around 9 AM. Somewhat staggered start times should assure that all games are well attended.
NOTE: Jeff's Les Corsairs Francais scenario will start at 9 am and will probably conclude around 1 pm. When it does end, Brian and Herb should plan to set-up the Teddy Bear game on Jeff's TABLE 4.
Ongoing games can be played out after Professor Duffy's presentation, and empty tables can be used in the evening for "pick-up" games.
Event Coordinator Dean West Horseholder45@


  1. This looks like a brilliant line up. I really need to set my stall out and make every effort to get to this next year.

  2. Crickey! I appear to be living in the wrong part of the world. Wish I could be there - this looks terrific.

    Very best wishes for a successful convention.

    Keith Flint.

  3. Alte Fritz,

    Will there be a 2016 Seven Years War Convention? If so, where should I go to find information and to register?

    Thank you,

    David Lady