Sunday, November 16, 2014

New Minden Cuirassiers du Roi

French Cuirassiers du Roi - Minden Miniatures 

I completed a squadron of 12 of the new Minden French Cuirassiers du Roi, which are presented here for your viewing pleasure (click the picture to enlarge the view). On several of the pictures, I experimented with turning my iPad upside down so that the camera lens was at the ground level. I think that this, along with the painted back drop, creates a better looking photograph of the figures.

The Cuirassiers du Roi donned the bearskin after the War of Austrian Succession, just in time for the Seven Years War. They were the only cavalry regiment to wear front and back metal plate and they wore the cuirasse outside of the jacket, rather than underneath the jacket. The other French Cavalrie regiments wore just the front cuirasse plate under their coat.

The Minden figures are sold in packs of three figures, including the horses, for $18.00 per pack. There is a command pack MFC-007 consisting of the officer, colour bearer, and the musician. In the future, I plan to add a French Cavalrie kettle drummer.

The pack of three rank and file cuirassiers, MFC-008, is the other available pack.

To order: send an e-mail to me at: Paypal is accepted for all orders. 


  1. They are beautiful scuplts and expertly painted. Superb!

  2. Great work, Jim. This is an impressive squadron. these are a must-have unit & I will order these as soon as you advise it is "swap-time" on the kickstarter. Cheers, Rohan.

  3. Fantastic job, painting and photographing are really wonderful!

  4. Excellent figures, excellent paintwork! Nicely photographed.

  5. Nice figures - and so expertly painted. Bravo!


  6. I like this particular blue tone they have - so marvelous, your miniatures! And you improved
    your photography also, Alter Fritz - Bravo!