Thursday, November 27, 2014

British Legion Cavalry

Just a reminder that Fife & Drum Miniatures added Tarleton's British Legion figures to the range in 2014. You have a choice of seven different poses plus Bloody Ban himself, all guaranteed to make any Continenal feel a little bit uncomfortable.

BC-003 Banastre Tarleton 
BC-025 British Legion Officer
BC-026 British Legion Trumpeter 
BC-027 British Legion Trooper Hacking
BC-028 British Legion Trooper Charging #1
BC-029 British Legion Trooper Charging #2
BC-030 British Legion Trooper Shouldered Sword
BC-031 British Legion Trooper Firing Pistol

The figures are sold individually and include the horse and are $6.00 per figure. 

To order, send me an email at: PayPal accepted.

I will be moving a few of these guys onto the painting table soon as I get to work on my Cowpens Project. I want to get my forces painted and ready to go in time to game the battle on its anniversary on January 17 (1781) 2015.


  1. These are all great models... I'm quite happy with the squadron that I got earlier in the year.

    Here's hoping that some other irregular units like the Queen's Rangers and dismounted skirmishing Legion are coming from Fife and Drum!


  2. They look awesome. I can't wait to batter a howitzer battery and ammo wagon.