Monday, February 3, 2014

16th Dragoons - Painted Samples

16th Light Dragoons (L-R): BC-016 firing carbine; and BC-017 loading carbine. (Click pix to enlarge)

Here are a couple of pictures of two of the new Fife & Drum AWI British 16th Light Dragoons that I painted this evening (Sunday night). These are just two of the eight poses that we have for the 16th Light Dragoons. I really like their "Tarleton" style leather helmet and I could even see using these in my Hesse Seewald fictional army too.

I will paint the other six poses of the 16th Light Dragoons this week and then tackle the 1st Continental Dragoons.

Below is a reverse view of the fellow firing his carbine:

16th Light Dragoons (click to enlarge)
Sadly, it is inevitable that someone will ask me, "are Fife & Drum figures Perry compatible?" I think that the real questin should be, "are Perry figures Fife & Drum compatible?" LOL.

So look below for a comparison photo of two figures, same pose, from each range and judge for yourself.  

Comparison of Perry versus Fife & Drum - similar posed figures.

I think that both ranges could easily be used on the same tabletop. You probably would not want to mix figures into one unit, but keep them in their own discrete units and the two ranges should look just fine together.

Banastre Tarleton shown with the two 16th Light Dragoons to give you a little better perspective of how the Fife & Drum range looks.

Right now I am imagining a whole regiment of about 16 of the 16th Light Dragoons and thinking how absolutely awesome that wargame regiment would look. I can't wait to paint more.


  1. Brilliant stuff, can't wait to get mine! Not that I don't have enough to paint already :)

  2. These look superb - you are weakening my resolve about not adding yet another historical period to model...

  3. Hello!

    Fine painted models, also the unpainted cast in the post before really great.
    Also i like Perry Miniatures, its obvious, their soldiers get much more food!
    Nevertheless, i think i must wait a bit for some SYW developments... here!

    Best regards,

  4. What super figures - lovely painting too

    -- Allan

  5. They do look pretty cool, love the figure loading, that's a pose you don't often see with cavalry.

  6. They...(gulp) they... look better than the Perries!


  7. Be careful what you say Greg. The Perry Fanboyz will get angry if you express anything but utter and complete adoration of anything made by The Gods. :)

    You should see some of the hate mail that I get from them. :(


  8. @'Fritz', clear such fanboys exist, but its absolutely childish behaviour, i think we all know that. Perry Miniatures are fine, nice in details, historical research is very good, depends also on the reenactment interests of Perry brothers, but for my taste those Perry models are still the typical wargame gnomes, heads, hands often much to big, weapons very clumsy, thats apparent, and so nothing for me. Anyway i like Perry Minis, but for the reason i told i won't collect them.

    Similar fanboys exist for larger 'tin'models, some only collect and buy 'Pegaso' miniatures, nothing else. But those are absolutely great sculptured and casted, no question.

    I am no wargamer, and Minden, now your figures are the first 'small' round figures i collect, fit to my preferences (also i would like a different saddle cloth for the horse of Friedrich II.;)).

    But it seems some hobbiists are only evil mobbers.^^

    Best regards,