Saturday, February 1, 2014

AWI Dragoons for Fife & Drum Have Arrived!

British 16th Light Dragoons (R to L): BC-010 Officer; BC-011 Trumpeter; BC-012 Trooper shouldered sword in hunting shirt; BC-013 Trooper shouldered sword in coat. (click to enlarge).
The 1st Continental Dragoons and the British 16th Light Dragoons castings for the Kickstarter Project arrived today. For those of you who are Kickstarter Backers, I will start packing figures for these two sets of AWI dragoons and mail them within two weeks (it takes a bit of time to process everything).

For those of you who did not back the Kickstarter Project, but would like to purchase figures from the 1st Continental Dragoons, the British 16th Light Dragoons, and/or the Knyphausen, Tarleton and Marion personality figures, then you may begin to place "PRE-ORDERS" and I will ship your order as soon as the Kickstarter backers have had their figures shipped to them. So this is approximately 2-3 weeks before I can start selling AWI dragoons to the general public.

If you pre-order any dragoons, you will not be charged any money until I am ready to ship your figures. The pre-order system allows me to guage the level of interest in the new dragoons so that I can order sufficient stock from my caster, Griffin Moulds Ltd. To make it easier to order, I have assigned part numbers to each figure, which you can buy individually (horse included) for $5.25 per set.

British 16th Light Dragoons skirmishing (R to L): BC-014 rested carbine; BC-015 firing pistol; BC-016 firing carbine; and BC-017 loading carbine. (click to enlarge).
Each set of dragoons has command figures and 1-2 troopers with shouldered swords or carbines rested on their right thigh. Using these figures, you can assemble a "formal" looking regiment of figures for either the 1st Continental Dragoons or the British 16th Light Dragoons.

If you prefer skirmishing dragoons, you can also recruit a squadron or regiment of troopers firing or loading their weapons. Add in the officer figure (pointing) and you can create a nice looking vignette.

1st Continental Dragoons (L to R): AC-010 Officer; AC-011 Trumpeter; AC-012 standard bearer; and AC-0013 Trooper with shouldered sword. (click to enlarge).

1st Continental Dragoons (L to R): AC-014 Trooper firing pistol; AC-015 Trooper firing carbine; AC-016 Trooper loading carbine; and AC-017 Trooper with rested carbine. (click to enlarge).



  1. Darn! You've gone and done it again. I'll "need" some of each of these now. Sigh. Funny how one can get excited by even unpainted castings

    Best Regards,