Thursday, August 1, 2013

More British SYW Artillery Equipment at Fort Ligonier

British Light 12-pounder at Fort Ligonier, Pennsylvania
Here are a few more pictures that I took of the British artillery equipment park at Fort Ligonier while on my journey to Historicon. If they are not presently in the Fife & Drum artillery equipment range, they soon will be. The wheels on some of the wagons are HUGE. The wheels on the 2-wheel wagon below come up to my shoulders!

Ammo wagon at Fort Ligonier

4-wheel wagon

Conestoga Wagon

British 6-pounders with limbers at Fort Ligonier.

Barrel detail on a British 8-inch mortar at Fort Ligonier


  1. Jim,

    These pictures are very appreciated. It seems that Fort Liginier is a treasure trove of mid-18th century equipage.



  2. Indeed, I second Jim with his comment. I never saw a Conestoga wagon on a photo. Thanks, Alter Fritz, for this pics!

  3. Sorry to read about the TMP aggravation. You have indicated on your site and TMP that you might compile house rules for Rusty's Rules at some point. If you do I would very interested in reading them. I follow your comments and docdennis whenever I run across something where you comment on the rules. I am also realistic enough to know that there is never enough time to do many we want to do. Good luck with whatever you do get a chance to do. Your blog does a lot for a lot of people. It is linked many times on other blogs. I will link it on mine when I actually start contributing to it. It never got off the ground but I still want to do it.
    Maynard (vonLoudon)

  4. If you ever need any repeat measurements, etc, from Ligonier, let me know. I can get there in about 45 minutes.