Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Royal Mess

Fritz's Man Cave in a considerable state of disorder.
A law of physics states that nature abhors a vacuum and will fill it ASAP. There is a corollary to this law called Fritz's Law of Wargaming Tables which states that if there is an empty surface on your war game table, stuff will find a way of accumulating on the table.

The above picture is proof of Fritz's Law of Wargaming Tables (do not attempt to do this at home).

I am somewhat embarassed that my Man Cave has become such a mess (somewhat, but not totally embarassed), but one can not fight the law of empty table space. All of the mess on the left is Fife & Drum related stuff as it has become my order packing area. The area on the near right is my painting table and that will always be messy. The main table, well, that one is my fault. The back table -- for some reason I can't seem to put away the French cuirassiers from a Napoleonic game fought last January, darn those guys -- they just won't put themselves away.

Obviously I have a project to work on this weekend.


  1. the same thing happens to my gaming table between games - it becomes a dumping ground for in progress projects and new arrivals

    -- Allan

  2. Oh yes I understand this law all too well!


  3. You would NOT want to see a pic of my game room right now - you're a better man than I, DAF!

  4. It is a proof of your creativity, Alter Fritz - this room plenty of projects is the source of fantastic oeuvres you bring us regularly!

  5. Remarkably tidy compared with my table at the moment. A litter of ongoing, new and old projects plus just junk!

  6. My soldier room is currently a total mess and a dumping ground for the detritus from the rest of the family. It is almost an obstacle course to get to the painting table. However there is light at the end of the tunnel. Eldest daughter has cleared off to Namibia for her gap year taeching for 12 months in a local school before university. Youngest daughter is back to boarding school on wednesday. Then I propose to skip the lot! Normal service will then resume and the first priority is to finish a regiment of Minden British dragoons.


  7. I'm somewhat relieved to see that even you suffer from this ailment and my day got a letter better when I looked at the mess that is my gaming table!

  8. What a fantastic space! What you call messy, I call an intriguing adventure into the aesthetic. I liken your pictures to the Egyptian exhibit at the British museum- chock full of neat things to see.

    Thanks for sharing