Monday, February 25, 2013

Perry 16th L.D & Fife & Drum Comparison

Perry 16th Light Dragoons (unbased) with Fife & Drum British Mounted Officers for comparison. (Double click to enlarge the picture).

I spent a good part of the weekend painting some of the Perry 16th Light Dragoon figures for my AWI army that I will be taking to conventions. I have posted some pictures of the first six figures that I painted, along with two stands of Fife & Drum British mounted officers. This way one can compare how the two ranges mounted figures compare. The two ranges look to be comparable in height, but the Perry riders are a little chunkier than the Fife & Drum figures. As long as I keep each range in its own distinct unit, the two should look nice together on the table top.

I don't currently have cavalry for either side in the Fife & Drum Miniatures range yet, but plan to add the 16th Light Dragoons and the American 1st Continental Light Dragoons -- these will be next in the queue when my turn in the rotation comes around again.

Same picture, but a little further away for perspective.
It looks to me like the two ranges work together nicely. This is good because I can use the Perry cavalry figures until I have my own in the range. I currently have only 9 castings of the 16th L.D, but have enough on order to top the regiment up to 24 figures, or two squadrons at a 1:10 ratio = 240 cavalry.

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  1. lovely paint job on these and will get myself some of those mounted officers at some point in the future. I have some of the civilians and as you say, if you keep them seperate(not on the same base), they work well together.