Sunday, February 5, 2012

Painted Mounted British AWI General

So here is my first attempt to paint one of the new British Mounted Officers from Fife & Drum. It took me about three hours of work last evening to complete him. I normally do not spend that much time on any figure, but I wanted to go the extra mile in terms of shading and highlighting, plus, the horse always takes as much time as painting a foot figure, so a mounted figure is really two figures. I hope that this makes sense.

Since this fellow looks "all business", I think that I might designate him as Major General Charles "No Flint" Grey of Howe's army during the Philadelphia campaign of 1777.

Rear view of the general, along with some infantry figures for perspective.

The General compared to the Continental general figure (with a brimmed hat head swap) for perspective.

I will start on the British ADC/Colonel next. He is the figure that is waving his hat.

By the way, we are contemplating issuing a sprue or sprues of different heads so that customers can make some of their own head swap conversions. I will do a tutorial on head swaps on this blog in the near future.


  1. Great stuff again! The grey looks wonderful. I always struggle with painting greys.

  2. I started with grey primer. Then covered the horse in the darkest grey that I could find. Then I successively dry brushed a mid-tone grey, a light grey, and finally some white over the horse. I try to leave some of the grey in and around the muscles of the horse.


  3. Great looking figure!
    Really like the corn rows also!!