Tuesday, February 7, 2012

British Grenadiers - 55th Regt. of Foot

Fife & Drum British Grenadiers - 55th Foot

Here is a picture of my first company of painted Fife & Drum British Grenadiers. Each stand of 8 figures will comprise the grenadier company of a single regiment. Then I will converge the companies into one large grenadier battalion. The grenadier brigade in General Howe's army had approximately 1,100 men in two battalions, or 550 men per battalion. That is not overly large by European battle standards, but in the colonies, that was a huge battalion, what with the average battalion at around 300-350 men in a British regiment in Howe's army.

This picture provides an overview of how the Fife & Drum battalions will look in a typical wargame. Most of the terrain (buildings/ trees/stone fences) are made by Herb Gundt. Here we see a battalion of Guards advancing towards some American militia, defending a town.

More HG Walls eye candy. The Courthouse is modeled after the same building in Williamsburg, as is the tavern across the street from the Courthouse.


  1. Lovely photos! Really like the buildings and the troops look very good too.

  2. Just wow.
    Lovely figures and scenery!

  3. Your table-top terrain is incredible!