Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Minden SYW Prussian Personalities!

Frederick the Great, as sculpted by Richard Ansell, for Minden Miniatures.

Well, look at Him. There He is - der Middle Aged Fritz Himself in all of his Minden glory. Today, Frank Hammond posted pictures on his blog showing the latest greens made by the very talented Richard Ansell. Please click on the link below, which will magically take you to the Minden web site where you can see Frederick, von Zeiten, von Seydlitz, Prinz Ferdinand of Brunswick, and a wonderful vignette depicting two officers and an aide pouring over a map.

As explained on Frank's blog, Richard did not want to depict the old "der Alter Fritz" of legend and lore, for this was the persona of the King in the post war years after 1763. Frederick was still in his forties during the Seven Years War, and thus it is correct that he appear more youthful. I really like this sculpt and its depiction of Frederick. Needless to say, I will have one in command of my growing collection of Minden Prussians. I might even revive an idea from a few years ago and bring back the "Fritzy Awards" which I would hand out each year to those wargamers who have done something exceptional and out of the ordinary for the hobby. The winners would get a painted copy of this figure, attached to a pedestal or plinth.

I have lots of other ideas percolating in my mind so that I can put all the rest of the Prussian generals to good use. I look forward to the eventual release of these fine figures in the future.

Today was a very, very good day.


  1. Now there's one guy who could be painted goggle-eyed, after all.

  2. Well, we all need multiple Freddy's - a youthful and inexperienced one for the First and Second Silesian Wars, the Minden one for the Seven Years War, and then the old one for the War of the Bavarian Succession.

    Just, whatever you do, keep Freddy away from any Maria Theresa figures!

  3. I check/read your,and Frank's, blogs before any other sites. Your endeavours and reports keep me from getting too lazy!

    As for the figs - I can' wait for these! I'm also keeping out an eye for your Fife & Drum figures. This combination will graduate me to full blown poverty....

    As an aside, what colours do you use for the musket slings on your Prussians? Dallimore in his painting guide book says Foundry's Wine Stain A/B/C. This is REALLY pink and I'm not convinced at all.
    Would appreciate your thoughts.

    Kindest regards