Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

Schloss Seewald looks very picturesque in its winter coating of snow. Note the damaged Royal Mailbox that the local street plows destroyed. The snow drift in the center is about 36 inches deep (looks like a slight ridge).

I walked the dogs this morning and tested a couple of areas for snow depth, finding that in the undrifted areas that the snow comes up to my knees. That is about 22 inches of snow. Some of the drifts are at least 3 feet high as you can see from the picture of the lawn furniture on our patio:

The back patio furniture - the table height is about 3ft off the ground, so this gives you an idea of how deep the snow drifts are.

One of our royal hounds - Dave - is enjoying his winter walk.

The pile of snow across the street that was created by the snow plow plowing out the driveway of my neighbor.

It is now about 11 AM and the sun is out and the lake effect snow has stopped, for now. The winds have died down from their 30-40mph speed of last night. Thankfully, we have a full stock of food and firewood and electric power. (knock on wood, or touch wood, as the British would say).

Well, I'm going to take advantage of my time off and paint some RSM Austrian dragoons (de Ligne, in green coats) that I have in my que for commission work.


  1. Lucky, the snow drifts from the non stop past few weeks are over 10ft high now. I can almost literally walk from the ground to my second story window :). I am glad though you get some painting time in as it does make up for the weather.

    Best Part too Uncle Jim is your Salary not hourly :).

  2. Ah, that snowy scene at Schloss Seewald looks very familiar! The Grand Duchess took off for the bicycle path on her cross-country skis a short while ago. My turn later this afternoon! Enjoy the extra painting time. I'm headed for the painting table myself in just a moment.

    Best Regards,



  3. Ah, the perfect time to place a sign in front of your house:

    "Un-assembled Snowmen FREE! Haul them away, no charge."

    Who knows, maybe you'd get lucky.

    -- Jeff

  4. Well I see an Idaho snow storm hit the mid west. I feel for you sir. Like the Un assembled snowmen. hmmm water based soldiers?

  5. Gosh, that puts our recent cold snap in perspective. Best of luck.

  6. Alter Fritz,
    cold no doubt - good Rogers Rangers weather. Do you per chance have RSM's FIW figures? And if so could you post a few pics along with Mindens?
    Thank you

  7. I don't have any RSM FIW figures because I generally don't game that conflict.

    The city came along this evening and re-attached my mailbox to its post. Huzzah!

    I am not looking forward to "The Great Thaw" that is certain to follow this great snow, in about 4 weeks, I would guess.

  8. Hi Fritz!

    Just be sure the sump pump is up to snuff and you'll be okay.

  9. Thank you re. FIW info.

    Would you mind posting a follow-up on your AWI minis? No email response from the vendor thus far... they look great and I'd be happy to purchase a few when possible.

  10. You got one great looking the table, you have quite a collection. Just excellent