Saturday, March 27, 2010

SYW Assn Convention Update

Panoramic view of my Leuthen convention game. Terrain by HG Walls. Table mats by "The Terrain Guy" - the mats were awesome!

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I am posting some pictures of the various games that took place at this weekend's Seven Years War Association Convention in South Bend, Indiana on March 26th and 27th, 2010. I will post separate entries later in the week covering my Mollwitz and Leuthen games, but for now, feast your eyes on a nice variety of games (including a few teasers of my Leuthen game, which covered three 24 foot tables). I used The Terrain Guy winter game mats for the surface, and I must say that I was very pleased with the way he executed the mixing of dark brown coloring to break up the white pattern of the snow. It looked very realistic. I had custom sized mats of 6ft by 24ft and two mats of 3ft by 24 ft to use on the back tables.

Leuthen village (by HG Walls) from Der Alte Fritz's collection.

Prussian guard grenadiers lead the assault of the Leuthen churchyard, held by the Rot Wurzburg regiment.

Austrians deploy inside the town of Leuthen. Nice view of some of HG Walls' handicraft with the buildings, roads, trees and even a street sign post.

Austrian left flank at Leuthen, protected by hussars and a lot of infantry.

Dean West's 15mm Freiburg town.

More of Dean West's realistic 15mm terrain.

Dean West's Battle of Freiburg, in progress.

Paul Petri's 10mm Paper Terrain village for his Battle of Warburg game.

Petri's 10mm Battle of Warburg game in progress. I wanted to play in this game, but I was busy setting up my Leuthen game when this one started. Very nice looking game.

Steve Page's FIW fortress game.

"A Cow Too Far" skirmish game by the Johnston brothers.

A SYW Naval Game - Battle on The Great Lakes- hosted by Jeff Knudsen using paper ships. It looked like this was a fast and fun game that everyone seemed to be enjoying. I wish that I could have played in it.

Tod Kershner's famous "Iroquois Terror" game. This time it's in 54mm! There is Tod in the grey shirt. He's also the author of "Age of Reason" rules. That's co-author Dale Wood in the red shirt.

French sortie from the fort - 54mm plastic figures - Iroquois Terror.

Another view of the 54mm fort. This is what it looks like, right out of the box, nicely painted.

Todd Fisher's "Revolution to Empire" rules depicting the battle of Gross Jagersdorf in the SYW (15mm game).

Pete Panzeri's 28mm Swedes & Ottomans vs Russians


  1. Jim,
    Superb winter terrain - some of the best i've ever seen. I am shivering just looking at it. Cheers.

  2. Oh, my...
    What can I say? This just looks aMAZing!

  3. So many great-looking games in one place!

  4. Looks like it was another great SYW convention in part due to your great games. I'll look forward to attending again some time in the future.


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  6. Jim had a lot of positive comments about the winter terrain during the weekend. It was A+. The two scenarios were interesting, fun and there was considerable back and forth activity on both flanks. People like that. The players were companionable as usual and were running things about half way through Turn 2.

  7. As usual some great games _ I should have known Panzeri would be there. Oh and its Steve Page not Tom he is from Atlanta like me.
    Sorry minor correction there Sir. The FIW games look especially cool.

  8. Thank you Volley Fire, I couldn't remember his first name. he's a very nice fellow and his wife takes some great looking pictures of the convention. I wish that I had bought the CD of last year's convention pix that she had available this year.

  9. Your very welcome sir - they are a great bunch of folks, they helped me out during the North Georgia Floods, I will let them know you want a copy of that CD - I am sure they can arrange it.

  10. The SYW Naval Game was a Battle on the Great Lakes run by Jeff Knudsen using Paper Ships.

  11. One day . . . . one day . . . .

  12. Great report thank you very much, I wish I could have been there.

  13. Does anybody know if the Leuthen church walls had firing steps? Awesome site.

  14. Hello! Does anyone know where the "SYW Naval Game - Battle on The Great Lakes" players got the paper ships models, or what rules they were using?