Monday, March 29, 2010

My Minden Prussian Brigade

The whole brigade as seen from one of Monsieur Montgolfier's hot air balloons.

IR5 Alt Braunschweig with Minden Miniatures.

IR5 Alt Braunschweig in the front rank and IR1 Winterfeldt in the second line.

I finished the basing of the second battalion of IR5 Alt Braunschweig last evening and so I now have a nice brigade of Minden Prussians: 4 musketeer battalions, 1 grenadier battalion, 1 jager battalion, 3 artillery crews and 12 Bayreuth Dragoons. click on all of the pictures for a larger view of my Prussian brigade so far.

Closer view of IR5 and supporting artillery.

They look pretty nifty en masse, don't you think? I particularly like the effect of two flags per battalion and four for the entire regiment. The long ranks and the GMB Designs Flags really enhance the overall look of the brigade. The marching pose and the furling flags really seem to give the appearance of everything in motion.

Once April turns the corner, I will have to take a temporary time out from the Mindens and paint 24 Elite Miniatures SYW British Dragoon Guards for our BAR Fontenoy game at Little Wars, at the end of April. Then I will pick up the brushes again and paint IR13 Itzenplitz (2 btns), which would get me to the end of Phase I of my Prussian Minden army. I might switch over to Minden Austrians at that time and build them up to eight battalions. Then go back and forth between the two armies until I get 12 battalions and 4 cavalry regiments completed for each side. The goal is to have enough of an army to run a game at next year's SYW Association convention in March 2011.


  1. Damn, I wish I could paint figures to that standard quickly.

    Very nice sir.

  2. You sound very happy with them Fritz! They are beautiful to look at, and I agree with the sense of motion they impart.
    Well done!


  3. "Nifty en masse"-well while size is not everything I have got to say WOW!


  4. They look great . . . as do the buildings and all of the terrain.

    I'm curious though . . . is there a reason that the "Colonel's Colour" is in different positions in the two first battalions?

    These figures truly look wonderful . . . please keep painting them and sharing the photos with us.

    -- Jeff

  5. A splendid site to behold Jim. You make me proud to be your Quartermaster :-)

  6. Nifty en masse is right! They look excellent indeed. Kudos to the sculptor and to the painter!

  7. Everything the Staddens have to offer and more. They're beautiful Jim. You've never lacked for stepping up to a painting challenge, and right now there's no greater challenge than Minden. What a combination! Congratulations. - Mike (St. Maurice)
    By the way; how do Minden cavalry stack up against Stadden & Suren horses for size?

  8. I too love the Minden figures, though since 90% of my gaming is 15mm, I don't have nearly so many.
    Also the pictures of the SYW convention are to drool over ... wish I could get there!
    Thanks for the eye candy!

  9. A magnificient sight indeed -so beautiful it's almost deterring.

    Now, speaking of Monsieur Montgolfier's hot air balloons... did not you excite our curiosity and wet our appetite, some 2.5 years ago?

  10. M. Montgolfier would have loved to see a sight such as this! Splendid troops, and a fine terrain. Occasionally I regret my 1 flag per unit ... policy (actually dictated by what figures I have).

    You could make wall posters out of this sort of thing.
    Cheers, Ion

  11. wow...Great stuff...these look absolutely first rate..."En mase"?..I'm thinking how good they will be when you have all of force completed.
    cheers Chris

  12. They look great Uncle jim, question though; do you ever tell your wife the cost of the brigades?:) After showing mine your collection of models I am in the clear for a few more years:)

  13. Very impressive looking. They look great en-masse.

  14. The perfect way to show the charms of Minden figures, they look great en masse.

    An outstanding piece of work, congratulations.


  15. Jim - they look superb. You have a beautiful SYW army - and the scenery is first-class as well. I thoroughly enjoy your pictures and your informative and fascinating blog.


  16. Hi Fritz,

    You said to contact you about Hohenfriedberg on your blog and leave an email for some information.
    I'm at rgregory at greenermountain dot net.


    By the way, GREAT photography. It's not easy to take such nice pictures of figures.

  17. Very nice indeed. As if they have stepped out of a Carl Rochling painting. There is just something about a long line of Prussians.

  18. Er, the above comment was me, Arteis/Roly

  19. Roly: thank you for the kind comments. I've been Admiring your British Minden figures too. I can hardly wait for the Minden Highlanders to become available