Friday, March 28, 2008

The Great Snafu

Crusader Miniatures Austrian generals. They undoubtedly had to deal with many unexpected events in their dealings with Frederick the Great. Painted by Der Alte Fritz.

Sometimes you think that you have made terrific plans and everything is lined up and ready to go, and then the unexpected happens. I had my car all packed up last night and ready for an early morning get away for the two hour drive to South Bend, Indiana and the Seven Years War Association convention. Then I jumped into the car, turned the key, and heard the dreaded "tickety, tickety, tick" sound of the dead car battery.

Needless to say, my BAR game at 1PM is not going to happen now. This is about the third time this winter that the battery has acted up on me, so I guess it's time to replace it. I'm told that if you don't use the car for several days, the battery loses juice and won't start. I'm hoping that this is all that it is. So I'm awaiting the arrival of the tow truck so that I can get a battery jump and drive to South Bend. If that doesn't work, then Plan B is to rent a car for the weekend. So one way or another, I will at least be there tomorrow for our game (Bill and I). This is very frustrating to say the least.

I am certain that the Austrian general staff thought that they had things all planned out, only to find that they had been hoodwinked by Frederick once again. Now I know how they must have felt.

One good thing about convention game preparation is that it forced me to finally base all of the Austrians that I had recently painted or had painted by others. I was a basing and terraining fool over the past week. Last night, I realized that I did not have enough movement trays for my Austrian cavalry. It seems that I had poached the Austrian stands to use for my Prussians over the past several months. Consequently, I had to cut and saw new bases last night and affix the magnetic sheet to the movement trays. I finished all of this around 10PM last night and finished packing by midnight. At any rate, I'm all set for the next game, whenever that occurs, provided, of course, that Old Methusalah (my car) decides to cooperate. Hmm, I wonder if those wily, rascally Gallians had something to do with my misfortunes of last. I bet that Colonel Enigma could shed some light on all of this.


  1. Good luck, hope you get there on time, given all your preparation and burning the midnight oil

  2. Could be those vile Stagonians, or some black and yellow coated Bossanovan weasel, had summat to do with it?

    anyway, good luck with the car!
    Minis look excellent as usual!

  3. Perhaps the car should be renamed Sackville after its recent performance.

  4. Jim,

    Sorry to hear about the car, I hope oyu have a good time after you arrive. I will see you next week at Little Wars.


  5. ..sounds like a good "random event" to send to Charles! :o))

  6. Jim
    Sorry to read about the car!
    I trust you have a safe journey eventually! I bet it will be well worth it when you get there- enjoy!

  7. I agree with Fitz-Badger. Look for evidence of those vile Stagonians.

    I mean, after all, even their uniforms are based on those of France.

    -- Jeff