Friday, October 12, 2007

What The French Are About To Recieve

I found this inspirational picture of the French infantry on the short end of an encounter with some Prussian cavalry. Presumably this scene takes place during the Battle of Rossbach, as I can not recall any other French vs Prussian battles during the Seven Years War.
It is Friday evening on October 12th of 1757 (2007) and the army of Hesse Seewald is holding a strong position near the town of Preisserstadt, about half way between Minden and Hamm. The armies of Gallia and Hesse Seewald have done their tactical minuet as they maneuvered their way over the past week and into the positions that they now hold. Der Erbprinz Friedrich von Hesse Seewald makes his final rounds and inspections of his army, as it awaits the battle that is certain to happen on the morrow. The Gallian (France) army of Marshal de Broglie lies stretched across the fields below the Preisser Heights. Their campfires glow like thousands of fireflies. The arrogant Gallians make no attempt to hide their numbers. They will have to pay for that tomorrow.

Der Erbprinz rides along the lines, stopping here and there to talk to his men as they huddle around their warm campfires. His army holds the high ground, so the men can safely light campfires in the dead ground without being seen by Gallian pickets. Their spirits are high and Der Erbprinz is confident of victory tomorrow. He stops to talk to Colonel von Kalckstein, whose regiment has recently joined Der Erbprinz's army. The men come from such places as Minnesota, Ohio, Nova Scotia, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin and other lands far and wide. They are well trained. They will do well tomorrow. Satisfied that all the preparations have been executed to exact standards, Der Erbprinz retires to his quarters for a brief night's rest. He will be early, before the sun rises. Tomorrow will be a big day - the Battle of Preisserstadt.

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  1. The Prince of Saxe-Bearstein wishes "good luck" to all of those involved in this clash of big battalions.

    Remember to encourage lots of photo-taking by all . . . and may good fellowship and sportsmanship rule the day.

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein