Friday, November 18, 2022

More Duffy Pictures


Christopher Duffy in 1994 leading his tour of SYW battlefield sites.
Photo by Jim Purky

I found three more pictures of Christopher Duffy that I took on the 1994 tour of SYW battlefields in eastern Europe. Please feel free to use any of these pictures on blog posts or announcements - just provide attribution to me.

In the first picture at the top of this page, Dr. Duffy is undoubtedly enjoying pointing the way to Hochkirch where the Bad Guys (Prussians) were totally shellacked by the Good Guys (Austrians).

The second picture, below was taken at Kolin on the Krechor Heights amidst "The Cauldron" where the battle was decided in the waning hours of the battle. That's Ken Bunger on the left and Phil Mackay on the right.

Christopher Duffy at Kolin in 1994
Photo by Jim Purky

Christopher Duffy at Zorndorf in 1994
Photo by Jim Purky

The third picture, above, was taken at Zorndorf (Sarbinowem in Polish language). Surprisingly, there is a nice monument and sign marking the site of the battle, which is rather rare in Europe.

These pictures are scans that I made of my original photos which were taken in 1994, long before superior digital photography on smart phones was available . I tried to clean them up a little bit with iPhotos tools.


  1. I did the same with some of my old photos, you have done well! Good to see Chris Duffy in full flow!

  2. Wonderful to see more photographs; thank you!