Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Egyptian Artillery Conversions Painted


Yesterday I finished painting the second of two Egyptian artillery crews for the Sudan Project. I have one Krupp gun and one Gatling Gun and crew. The Krupp crew includes the converted figure holding a trail spike, putting to good use a pose that I would not otherwise have used.

The other crew were simple and easy head swaps of Egyptian heads onto British artillery crew torsos. I think that the results look pretty good.



  1. I'm interested to know your painting technique; I have tried painting Armies in Plastic and it flakes off quickly on these soft figures. What undercoat do you use? Any tips?

  2. If I may, after washing the figures I was advised to spray with a tin of plastic primer which I bought from a car supply's shop. When dry I then sprayed with a bumper preparation again from a car supply shop. It certainly worked.

  3. I have used this spray also. After the paint is dry I also use Modge Podge or PVA (not applied too thickly or it will bubble and later, a sealer, usually artist's fixative. You could also use a spray or brush on varnish. Of course, you can decide on gloss, semi mat or mat finish.