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British Brigade of the Guards in the AWI


The flank companies of the British Brigade of Guards, circa 1777.
Fife and Drum Miniatures

Flank companies of the Guards form up in front of the Savage Swan public house
somewhere in Pennsylvania in 1777.

On November 22, 2010 I announced the formation of a new figure range of American Revolution miniatures done in 1/56 scale, sculpted by Richard Ansell. On December 2, 2010 the venture was formally name Fife and Drum Miniatures.

The very first figures in the F&D range were the British Brigade of Guards because at that time, no other company made such figures in 1/56 scale (suitable for 28mm and 30mm miniatures). 

British Guards Announcement

Announcement of the Establishment of Fife & Drum Miniatures

Over the years a couple of other companies have added the British Brigade of Guards to their product ranges (notably the recent announcement by Perry Miniatures). However, since the FD Guards figures are now nearly ten years old, they have been forgotten by some of our customers and I thought that it would be a good time to remind people of the Fife and Drum Miniatures British Guards.

Fife and Drum Miniatures web store

The two pictures at the top of this page depict the flank companies of the British Guard. These men wore a cap with a front plate and front brim. The center company men wore a round hat turned up on the right side.

Brigade of Guards center company soldiers on the march.

The British Guards packs available include the following:

BA-004  Guards Command (6 figures)  $12.00

BA-005  Guards Center Company Marching (8 figures)  $16.00

BA-006  Guards Skirmishers in Round Hats (8 figures)  $16.00

BA-007  Guards Flank Company Marching  (8 figures)  $16.00

BR-003  Guards Regimental Pack (30 figures)     $52.00 (13% discount)

Guards skirmishers, firing and cocking musket.
The officer figure is from the Light Infantry  set of figures.

Overhead view of the Brigade of British Guards marching into a Loyalist village.

Beware of women wearing a bucket yoke. Advance at your own peril.

Screen Credits

This episode of my blog features a very nice table mat from  Cigar Box Battle Mats. These pictures feature the New Europe mat ( New Europe Battle Mat ) #510. This is a really useful mat for smaller skirmish games or you can pair it up with some of the other European battle maps in the Cigar Box product range. I use the "New Europe 2" mat #660 for many of my games and the road on this mat matches up perfectly to any of the roads in mat #510.

The water well is made by Grand Manner in the UK, but alas, the company appears to no longer sell unpainted resin products and so you have to purchase their products painted, which makes them a bit dear to one's wargaming budget.

Herb Gundt made all of the trees, snake rail fences and buildings that you see in these pictures.

Some of the civilians are from Blue Moon and Perry Miniatures, as well as from the Fife and Drum / Minden range of Civilian Figures. I believe that Bucket Woman is a Blue Moon figure from their Sleepy Hollow box.

Custumes were provided from the painting brush of Himself, der Alte Fritz.


  1. Those look great! It was nice while it lasted in regards to the Grand Manner perhaps one day he will go back to selling the unpainted versions for those not wanting to take out a loan to get a building.


    1. It would be like FD and Minden figures only being sold as painted figures. It’s a very puzzling business model, but it’s GM’s dime, their dance floor and I guess that it works well for them.

  2. Yep, a stirring scene. Presumably, the Guards would have had a similar appearance in the southern campain(s) of the war? The Cigar Box mats have been sorely tempting when I have perused their website.

    Best Regards,


    1. Yes, the Guard figures work for the southern campaigns; maybe to be painted with a tattered and grubby look. I really like the Cigar Box mats.

  3. These are superb figures. When I was ready to restart and rebuild my American Rev War armies I started with them. I knew a number of people in recreated Rev War groups doing the Guards (Hello Jay !) And these figures met their high standards of authenticity and research. Since then I have used the figures for loyalists and light infantry with great success. I for one and thrilled and happy you did these. Thank you!

  4. Wonderful figures and terrain. Could you provide contact information for Herb Gundt?

    1. Herb is retired and no longer takes commissions for buildings and terrain or models in general.

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