Thursday, August 27, 2020

Khartoum Walls Pictures

Egyptian soldiers and artillery crew man the walls of Khartoum.

I have been working on the Khartoum town walls over the past several weeks, finishing the corner piece this afternoon. I built two 12-inch straight wall sections two weeks ago and worked on the corner segment this week.

I wanted to have an artillery platform somewhere along the city walls and the corner seemed to be the best location because the crew could turn the Krupp cannon in multiple directions. Cutting the small diagonal corner was the most difficult part of the modeling work. I was off by about 3/8ths of an inch, but I figured out a way to cover the error up. The piece is approximately 7-1/2 inches square. In the future I might just build. Square model and leave one of the corners sticking out or just simply slide the straight pieces backwards so that they are flush with the corner.

As with my other buildings I use half inch thick foam core board for the walls and balsa wood or basswood for the wall decking. The decks are finished off with coffee stir sticks from a prominent national coffee emporium. I used chalk paint on the walls and gave it a coating of brown wash, followed by dry brushing a linen white color over the surface.

General Gordon watches for the British gunboats that will never come.
Tradition of London 54mm figure painted by me.

I am really chuffed by how nice these walls look and they make me eager to make more wall pieces.


  1. Very nice indeed Jim, you should indeed be chuffed!

  2. More excellent work! Love your Gordon Pasha!

  3. Excellent work, the walls work wonderfully.

  4. Lovely looking work there! Mind, all these Imperial measurements strike me as quaint after 50 years of metrication here in the UK.

  5. Great wall sections, soon have enough to go round the whole of Khartoum :)

  6. Quality Jim but how will you fit all this on a plane to the UK? Because you really should bring these armies across for a weekend of wargaming.

    1. That would be a really awesome thing to do. I’d need to hire a private airplane to bring it over. 😳

  7. You should absolutely be chuffed Jim. These walls, in fact your entire 54mm project, is spectacular.

  8. Absolutely excellent Jim, great colouring. I'm thinking a painting of the Sudan War would look good on your walls; and I don't mean your walls of Khartoum! :-)