Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Well, Did some Painting Finally

Sample Prussian Guards that I painted before Christmas. These are finished figures.

I was feeling a little better yesterday.  The sun was out, I walked the dog, and had a good workout with my trainer so I was feeling better. I visited the painting table and turned on Henry Hyde's Battlechat with Jay Arnold as background noise for painting. It was a three hour podcast and I painted for three hours. Note the coincidence.

I resumed painting the new Minden Prussian Guards in tricorn hats. I have 19 figures on the painting table and had done some of the color blocking in a previous session. The paint and the brushes seemed to flow like magic.

My messy painting table. The Prussian Guards are in the center.

I always paint a sample figure from start to finish before I tuck into the rest of the unit. This way I have the satisfaction of seeing what the figures will look like when the unit is finally completed. It gives me some incentive to power through the boring parts of the painting of the figure (blocking in the base colors, particularly the black- I paint all equipment and gaters black before applying the final colors. This is tedious. The uniform colors are as bad.)


  1. Love them! I hope your Prussians are more lucky than mine have been recently!

  2. Now THAT is a serious painting table! Your guards look really lovely by the way. I'm back to my usual work-life imbalance, so not much time to work on finishing those Bosniaks the last week or so. Hoping for the productivity muse to strike once the weekend is here.

    Best Regards,


  3. They look great. Always good to return to the painting table.

  4. Excellent work Jim. Like you, I to listen to henry whilst painting. found it particularly product when I listened to you recently. Very enjoyable.

  5. Congratulations regarding breaking your painting funk. Lovely work you are doing Jim.
    Bill P.