Friday, February 15, 2019

Imaginations: Seems We've Struck a Chord

I have been pleased to see the overwhelming positive response to my blog post about Imaginations.

Who needs Imaginations? It seems that we all do based on the response. As of today their have been approximately 1,500 views in aggregate among TMP, the DAF Journal Blog, the Fife and Drum Miniatures forum and the Kingdome of Hesse Seewald blog. There have been nearly 100 comments and responses to the topic across these sources which is a record response in all of my years of blogging.

The Prussian von Reusch Hussars (H5) in my Prussian army, doing double duty as Lady de Winter's Black Hussars Regulators.
On my recent vacation to Florida, I took a copy of Charles S. Grant's "The Wolfenbuttel War" which is an Imaginations campaign that closely mimics The Hundred Days Waterloo campaign. There is some great stuff in this book and all of the characters that Mr. Grant has created add a richness and much color to his campaign.

Now, who is that mysterious general who betrayed the VFS?


  1. Hello Der Alte Fritz,

    Imagi-nations are a subject dear to my heart and I have planned for the Electorate of Kronenbourg and the Grand Duchy of Artois to cross swords at some point. I am also looking at the two forces the late Eric Knowles planned - The Electorate of Bustenberg and the Kingdom of Umbriago - an Italian based 18th century force.

    Eric’s unpainted lead mountain would provide a number of old school sized forces and so I shall be posting further details in due course on my blo.

    All the best,


  2. I like your countries' names.


  3. YES!!! Was there ever any doubt?

    Best Regards,


  4. I quite like imaginations although I like using Maurice for it and the smaller unit sizes.


  5. Imaginations is probably the best part of wargaming. Re-fighting endless battles of Waterloo, or some other, is surely the most boring thing imaginable.

  6. Its also nice not to have a preconceived historical expectation on who is going to win the battles. Eg Napoleon v the Austrians or Frederick v everyone.

  7. I am now a huge fan of imaginations. I am currently doing a sporadic Interwar Imaginations project, and it provides a great context for individual games. I don't know how the war is going to turn out ahead of time, so the individual battles seem more meaningful.

  8. Imaginations are the vital link between the toy soldier's world and the military history world.