Sunday, September 9, 2018

Thank you to my blog readers.

Our family thank all of our blog readers for their kind comments and condolences.
I want to thank all of my blog readers and Facebook friends for their support, kind comments and condolences expressed with the passing of my mother.

We held a service for her yesterday and rather than lamenting Mom's passing, we celebrated her life with family pictures and stories with friends and family.

I am not sad about my mother's passing because I have so many good memories of her that shall last me forever.

I will get back to regular blogging about wargaming, hopefully later this week as I still need to post a game report on the battle at Hobkirk's Hill in our AWI South Carolina campaign. Also, I am traveling north to Brown Deer, WI to play in our annual Fall Colonial Wargame.



  1. Best of luck Jim, I found taking a small step at a time by keeping very busy helped a little.

  2. Best wishes. Brown Deer sounds a great place.

  3. A life well lived is a cause for celebration. KBO

  4. I understand wanting to focus on the happy memories. That's the only way I got through my own mother's funeral.