Friday, November 17, 2017

My SYW Russian Cavalry

Russian cavalry consisting of cuirassiers, horse grenadiers, dragoons, hussars and Cossacks.
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For the past couple of months I have been cranking out Russian cavalry for my SYW Russian army, circa 1758.

I have 9 squadrons of 12 figures consisting of 12 cuirassiers, 24 horse grenadiers, 24 dragoons, 24 hussars, and 24 Cossacks. I can also use the 16 Connoisseur Napoleonic Cossacks that I have.

The 3rd Cuirassiers (one squadron, with another to be painted in the future:

Russian cuirassiers usning Minden Austrian cuirassiers and one Prussian kettle drummer.

A closer view of the 3rd Cuirassiers. Standard was copied from Kronoskaf.

The Kargopol Horse Grenadiers (two squadrons)

The Kargopol Horse Grenadiers distinguished themselves at Zorndorf in 1758
The figures are from RSM, except for the officer, standard bearer and musician which are Minden Hanoverian Horse figures. The horses are also from the Minden Miniatures figure range.

The Dragoons (un-named as of now) - two squadrons

Russian dragoons using Hanoverian Horse regiment figures from the Minden range.

The Hussars: the Horvat Hussars in blue and red; the Gruzinski Hussars in yellow and red:

Horvat Hussars (left) and Gruzinski Hussars (right). Eventually I will paint a second 12-figure squadron for each regiment.

Another view of these colorful Russian hussars, for which I used Austrian Hussars from the Minden range.

The Cossacks

The 24 Cossacks in the foreground are RSM figures mounted on Minden horses.
The unit in the background are Connoisseur Cossacks which seem to be size compatible with the RSM/Minden figures.


Well, that's pretty much it for my Russian cavalry contingent in my army. I still need to add a second dozen figures to the 3rd Cuirassiers, the Horvat Hussars and the Gruzinski Hussars. When those are painted, my Russian brigade shall be completed. The Russian army did not bring many cavalry regiments with them into the SYW battles with Prussia. This does not include the Cossacks, of which there were many more. At Zorndorf, the Russians were vastly outnumbered by the Prussian regular cavaly.


  1. They look wonderful, especially en masse! I prefer the white colonel's colour for 3rd cuirassiers over the light blue one too!

  2. Very nice. Especially the cuirassiers and their kettle drummer!

    Being nitpicky, you need three more squadrons for Horvat, since his was a double strength (10 squadron) regiment.

    The Grudzinski hussars are a fetching lot, though. Despite yellow being a right royal pain to paint, everybody loves yellow hussars.

    1. Yes, I plan to paint more Horvat Hussars. I just couldn't resist the yellow regiment and so I got detoured.

  3. So we should keep the Yellow hussars a secret?

    Personally, I am quite fond of the Serbian Hussars in sea blue, and the drawings of the Slovakian Hussars in white dolmans, pelisses and mirlitons, and cornflower blue breeches, but I am not convinced those were real.

    What color did you use for the old cuirassiers coats?

  4. I mixed some Reaper Master Series paints that I have: Stained Ivory (09142) and Amber Gold (09032). The latter color provided the darker or slightly browner color than my Prussian cuirassiers. I wanted to have a slight difference in the colors of the two armies.

  5. Impressive display of Russian horseflesh, Jim! I, too, really enjoyed seeing the kettle drummer.