Wednesday, May 31, 2017

South Carolina Campaign - Turn 2

Turn Two of the Campaign was one of force considation by both sides, in anticipation of future battles. There wasn't a lot of action going on during the turn, which is to be expected this early in the campaign.

American Moves on Turn Two

On the American side, DeKalb added to his army by picking up the three strength points in Charlotte, increasing his army to 9SPs, and then crossing the border into South Carolina. DeKalb stopped on the north side of the Santee River so that he would not have his back to the river if attacked.

In the interior region in northwest South Carolina, Sevier continued to hold at McDowell with his 7SPs.

Horatio Gates remained behind with 9SPs guarding the depot at Hillsboro and acting as a reserve in the event that something bad would happen to DeKalb's army

British Moves on Turn Two

Cornwallis increased his army at Camden from 6SPs to 12SPs with the arrival of the force from Nelson's Ferry.

Lord Rawdon detached another force of 3SPs, commanded by Mawhood, from Charleston, thereby reducing the garrison there to 7SPs.

Websters force of 4SPs moved north from Jacksonburg to Orangeburg, apparently headed for Augusta, GA.

The garrisons at Ninety Six (5SPs), Georgetown (2SPs), Savannah (6SPs) and at the three Forts (3 SPS collectively) all held their positions.

Turn Two Results

There were no Partizan Uprisings on either Turns 1 or 2. DeKalb was within a two dot move of Cornwallis's army at Camden so the likelihood of a future battle was brewing, unless DeKalb elected to fall back into North Carolina.


  1. First, thank you for this posting. Your thinking and development of the campaign mirrors a lot of how I think a campaign should be played out. I noticed that you were having DeKalb advance on Camden but that he would be outnumbered. Is DeKalb leading better quality troops than Gates at the infamous American defeat in real life? How do you determine troop quality? Will there be pictures of the battles as they are joined? Also does Pickens, Sumter and Marion play a role in this campaign?

  2. Good questions.

    Each turn I roll to see if their is a Partizan uprising in the interior areas. If so, then I dice again to see how many u it's the uprising has. There will be an uprising on Turn 3, under Pickens and located at Cheraw.

    I have an army composition chart that determines the percentage of Continentals, State and Militia troops, modeled after the Age of Reason army charts.

    I'm assuming that the respective armies do not know where the other is - I'm kind of winging it here, but I thought that I would allow the results of advance scouting when units are one dot apart from each other. This needs work too. Since I'm playing the first campaign as a test, I'm doing it as a solo campaign. I hope to do a future campaign with 2 players so that both sides move blindly.

    I might allow a force to detach a cavalry scout of 1-2 SPs from its force of SPs. That could lead to some fun small battles too.

    There will be a battle on Turn 3 with DeKalb getting reinforcements from Sevier plus he will roll to see if an local militia join his army prior to the battle.

    I've already diced for Turn 3, I plan to play the battle this weekend and I will post a battle report at its conclusion.