Monday, April 17, 2017

SYW Painted Figures Clearance Sale

Overhead view of 9 French battalions for sale.
I want to thank everyone who bought the figures that I listed on the blog today. It helps me to clear out some much needed storage space and the funds will be reinvested in Fife & Drum figures and molds.

I also have quite a bit of RSM painted figures for sale. These are from my original SYW Prussian army, which I have since replaced with Minden figures. Nevertheless, this is a good looking army that is nicely based. I will post details and prices later this week.

I need more storage space so I am clearing out an old 15mm SYW project that I no longer wish to keep. The figures are all 15mm and are based for Age of Reason, except instead of 12 figure units, i doubled their size to 24 figures. 

I also have tons of Essex, Old Glory figures and Hallmark artillery equipment, unpainted, for sale.

Please inspect the lot compositions below and if you have an interest in any or all lots, then send my an email at :

All prices do not reflect shipping charges, which will be added to your invoice amount. I prefer to use PayPal for payment.

Unpainted Essex, Old Glory and Hallmark figures.

I have tons of unpainted 15mm British and French plus a one or bags of Austrians. There is also a box of the exquisite Hallmark artillery 3-pounders which are hard to find. My idea was to place a battalion gun in every battalion. In Age of Reason, battalion guns are calculated into the overall firing factor for the battalion rather being figured out by itself.

There are 14 bags of Old Glory figures, 37 bags of Essex British, 13 bags of Essex artillery pieces, 3 bags of Essex Austrians, 2 bags of Essex Prussians, 25bags of Essex French, and 36 Hallmark 3-pounders. I will also throw in some primed but unpainted figures at no extra cost: it appears to be 3 x 12 cavalry and 2x24 infantry - I think that they are French.


The French Brigade

The French forces consist of 9 infantry battalions, of which one is Irish, one is the Gardes Francaises and the other 7 are line regiments. I would normally charge $1.00 per figure but I'd prefer to move the whole lot of painted French:    SOLD!

Irish Bulkeley Regiment, Gardes Francaises and Aquitaine (?)

Three more of the French brigade. Note the use of the Hallmark 3-pound artillery base that has been included with the regimental basing.
A close up view of one of the French regiments. All French battalions are Essex figures.
Irish regiment Bulkeley
The Austrian Brigade

I bought these awhile back and they look like Freikorps brand of figures. They are nicely based on wooden stands with the name of the unit painted on the bottom and covered with varnish so that the hand lettering does not rub off. The actual figures have a flat finish. There are 92 figures in total and SOLD! 

Overhead view of the Austrian contingent: one Bavarian battalion(20 figures), one Austrian (24 figures) one converged grenadier battalion (24 figures) and a converged Croat light infantry battalion (24 figures)

A close up view of the grenadiers and Austrians. 

A close up of the Croats

 The British Brigade

There are five British regiments of Old Glory figures and all have 24 figures and several of them have a battalion gun included on one of the battalion stands. Keith's Highlanders, 23rd Fusiliers, 21st Fusiliers, 12th and 37th Regiments. My recollection is that other than the Highlanders, they are all regiments that fought at Minden. The standard bearers are Essex figures with cast on flags, which are painted to a very high standard (no pun intended).  SOLD!.

Overhead view of the entire brigade

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