Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Painted Fife & Drum Hessians

Prinz Karl Regiment of Hessians (click all photos to enlarge the view)

I finished painting 30 Hessians over the holiday weekend and was getting ready to base them when I decided that the regiment would look better with 40 figures rather than 30 figures. Early in the American Revolution, the Hessian regiments mustered 400 to 600 men. At a 1:10 ration, such as I use in my own AWI armies, that would result in a regiment of 40 to 60 figures. The latter figure is too many to use on the tabletop due to the frontage that it would take up on the table, so I decided that all of my Hessian regiments will be 30 to 40 figures.

Below are some pictures of the contents of the Hessian Musketeers Marching packs of figures:

HP-001 Musketeer Command (6 figures: officer, NCO, 2 ensigns, and 2 drummers)

HP-003 Musketeers Marching (8 figures - identical pose)

Contents of Hessian Musketeers Marching pack of 8 figures: HP-003

HP-001 Hessian Musketeer Command Pack of 6 figures.

Since Hessian regiments were single battalion regiments, I increased the size of the command packs from 4 to 6 figures so as to include 2 ensigns to carry the flags. An extra drummer was added to the pack to bring the pack to a  nice even number of 6 figures.

There are still a few more days to take advantage of the Trenton Christmas Deal and purchase 30 figure regiments for $50.00, which represents a discount of 17% off of the regular retail price of $60.00 for 30 figures. (Otherwise, foot figures continue to sell for $2.00 each).

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Tomorrow: a review of my Christmas war-game swag.


  1. A sound idea with regard to increasing the number of figures in a battalion!

    Best Regards,


  2. Beautiful stuff, Jim. Very impressive.

  3. Most impressive and beautiful uniform...and paint job!