Friday, June 3, 2016

The AWI Hessians Have Arrived!

The first shipment of AWI Hessian musketeers and grenadiers are scheduled to arrive from Griffin Moulds today, Friday June 3rd.

I am certain to get some samples black washed and photographed over the weekend to display on this blog. I might even be able to get several samples painted and photographed.

Next week, I will have part numbers assigned to each figure and will add them to the Fife & Drum web site so that they can be ordered on line.

Kickstarter backers who chose Hessians as their primary reward will get their figures shipped first. After that, those backers who are eligible for the free Hessians will have their figures mailed. After that, I can start selling them to the general public, probably around the first or second week of July.


Mrs Fritz and I are going on a vacation for two weeks and during that period Minden and Fife & Drum will not be accepting, processing or mailing any orders. This is our first vacation without kids in tow since our daughter was born, so it is well deserved. Mrs. Fritz will box my ears if I do anything remotely connected with wargaming or miniatures. So please don't send me orders during the hiatus or send me frantic emails about why I am not responding to your correspondence.

I will accept orders for figures up through Thursday June 9th, but after that, it will be at least two weeks after that before I can open for business again.

Bruno Hightower, our regular house-pet sitter and former NFL lineman will be guarding Schloss Seewald during our hiatus and he has advised me that he will not be picking up the phone either.


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