Sunday, January 31, 2016

Meinicke Dragoons (DR3) Receive Their Colours From Fritz

The colour party of the DR3 Meinicke Dragoons accept their new colours from the King of Prussia. Click or double click all pictures to enlarge the view.

I completed the second squadron of the DR3 Dragoons (Meinicke) in Prussian service, over the weekend and present them here for your review.

So I set them up in my photo booth for their first pictures and decided to create a vignette in which King Frederick II of Prussia presents the regiment with their colours for the very first time. I like this idea so much that I think that I will do it every time I add a new regiment of infantry and cavalry to the Prussian and Austrian armies. The information will then be recorded in my roster book for the army and include such information as:

Date of service
Brand of figures (usually Minden of course)
Combat record

A close up view of Frederick presenting the new colours to the Meinicke Dragoons.

The full regiment awaits your review. Click pix to enlarge the view.
And now here are some pictures of the first and second squadrons of the DR3 Dragoons:

First Squadron with King's Colour

Second Squadron with Regimental Colour
All figures are from Minden Miniatures and the colours are from GMB Designs, as usual for me.

Future Project: Rebasing the White Hussars

Here is a teaser of a little project that I am currently working on. I have a 20-figure regiment of White Hussars (RSM figures) and I need to build them up to 24-figures for my current game organization. I did not have any RSM figures on hand to fill out the unit, so I drafted two each of the Minden hussar officers and trumpeters to add to the unit. The sizes of the figures are comparable, so this should work. I intend to mix the Minden figures into stands with one RSM figure and one Minden figures, although this is not shown in the picture below.


  1. Really nice idea to show them having the colours presented, as well as their combat record etc.

  2. Lovely looking vignette! A great idea which I foresee being 'borrowed' elsewhere.

  3. Beautiful looking dragoon regiment, thank you for showing it in such detail

  4. Super dragoon regiment - nice setup of presenting the colours

  5. Presenting the colours is a fine idea and an appropriate way of making use of your outstanding vignette figures.