Sunday, December 20, 2015

RSM Russian Grenadiers for the SYW

Well, I had a bag of 36 RSM Russian grenadiers just laying around (for quite a few years) and all this talk about Russians for the GNW and the SYW put a bee in my bonnet to paint them. So paint them I did over the weekend. The RSM figures paint up very easily as they are not loaded down with too much equipment. I was churning them out at a rate of 6-8 figures per day. I don't plan on painting the eyes or adding a black highlight color to the figures, although I did use two tone colors for the green coat and red waistcoat and breeches. The grenadier mitre plate is a mix of Vallejo Old Gold and a small amount of Copper paint.

The flags were downloaded from Kronoskaf and two halves of each flag were pushed together using Microsoft Word. The regiment shown in the pictures today are the 1st Standing Grenadier Regiment in the Russian army.

RSM Russians with Minden French Officers (painted as Russians). Flags downloaded from Kronoskaf.
If you double click any of the pictures to enlarge the view, you might detect one soldier wearing white summer gaiters as opposed to the Winter black gaitors that the rest of the regiment is wearing. This is the one solitary RSM Russian that I painted circa 1990, so I added him to the regiment, without an updated paint job, in honor of his hanging around for so long.

I now have two battalions in my SYW Russian Army.

On the Work Bench

On the painting table, I am working on the Kremzow Grenadier Battalion (17/22) in the Prussian army. I completed the IR17 Manteufel Grenadiers portion of the battalion, now I have 15 of the IR22 Prinz Moritz grenadiers to paint and this unit will be ready to join the ranks of my Prussian army for my Kolin game at the Seven Years War Association Convention in March 2016.

Crann Tara "Savoy" infantry figures, which will be painted as SYW Russian musketeers, backed by Prussian Dragoons.

I have to paint one more regiment of Prussian dragoons to more or less complete my Kolin Prussian army. I'm leading towards the DR3 von Meinicke Dragoons (the ones with the Rose-Pink) facings and shabraques). You can see the dragoons in the picture above.

You can also see some of the Army of Savoy figures that are produced by Crann Tara Miniatures and are compatible with all of the Richard Ansell sculpted figures such as Minden, Fife & Drum and Crann Tara. Since they have no lapels and big cuffs on their coats, I think that they will stand in nicely as Russian SYW musketeers.

Recruiting New Followers
I had 497 "followers" for quite a few weeks, but five of them deserted, despite the best efforts of my NCOs to keep the regiment in line. They must have been Saxons, methinks.

Do come back lads, all will be forgiven.

In any event, I am putting out the recruiting call for at least 8 of my regular readers to become a "Follower" so that we can boost the total to a nice even and symetrical 500 readers.


  1. They look very nice! I quit painting eyes on my 28mm many years ago as I think it's a waste of time at this scale.


  2. Lovely brushwork as always. As simple as they are, RSMs do paint up very nicely. And adding a few Minden standard bearers always helps. Wonderful how well the two lines work together.

    Best Regards,