Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Jonkopings Regiment in the GNW

54mm Swedish Infantry Figure (not a Warfare Miniatures figure) posted to show an example of the karpus hat.

I received some more metal reinforcements from Warfare Miniatures last week, enough to paint a Swedish regiment wearing the karpus headgear and probably another karpus and a tricorn battalion plus 18 more cavalry.

So last evening I broke out the figures and assembled 32 infantry in karpus for the Jonkopings regiment. This unit has red facings, waistcoat, breeches and karpus brim, so it should add a bit of color and variety to my growing GNW Swedish army.

The Warfare figures require a modest amount of assemble before priming. In this case, I only had to attach scabbards to the rank and file, a few pikes, and some pole arms for the officers. I've gotten to be an old hand at this by now, so it is a simple matter of kneading some green epoxy putty together and inserting a tiny ball of putty into the hole that places the scabbard in place, followed by a dab of glue and then presto bingo they are done.

Tonight I will glue the figures to temporary card bases that hold the figure whilst painting. That will be followed by a coating of grey primer and then I will have a battalion set aside and ready for painting when the mood and my painting schedule allow. I want to finish 12 more Minden Prussian Cuirassiers before switching back to GNW Swedes. I like the variety of going back and forth between the two periods and two different styles of miniatures. I might also assemble 18 more Swedish cavalry to bring the Ostgotland Kavalrie regiment up to its full complement of 36 horse and riders. Since a Swedish army can have as much as 50% cavalry, I need to get ahead of the cavalry painting before I get too far along with the infantry.


  1. Beautiful mini! I agree, its nice to have a few collections to switch between when painting. It helps avoid any painting fatigue. I'm big on parallel projects, even when it comes to reading books I'm afraid.

  2. Nice sample figure. I cannot wait to see a whole regiment of them!

  3. According to Tacitus' blog, Jonkoping did not take part in any major battles until Poltava. They wore hats after 1702. You can also do Narke-Varmland, which also had red distinctions and wore the Karpus until at least 1707. The were at Narva, Dvina, Klissow and Fraustadt, as well a Poltava and Gadebusch.

    1. Then it looks like I will be painting Narke-Varmlands next. :). It's a good thing that I already had their flags.


  4. Quite lovely and an interesting change from what I in my ignorance think of as a typical Sedish uniform of this era.

  5. interesting that the figure has what appears to be a knapsack. Not something that I've ever seen before.