Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Setting Up the Mollwitz Terrain

I had to clear my game table of the AWI period Trenton terrain to make way for my recreation of the Battle of Mollwitz fought on April 10, 1741 between Prussia and Austria.

Here are some progressive pictures of the table set up. Since I'm posting this in the iPad version of Blogger, the pictures are not clickable or enlargeable, but I will fix the pictures this evening on my desktop computer.

Trenton terrain.

The buildings and roads are removed.

Trees and other flotsam and jetsam are now gone.

Setting up the 18th Century European Winter terrain pieces, all made by Herb Gundt.

Out come the troops, all Minden Miniatures of course; Austrians on the left and Prussians on the right.

Tweaking the Prussian right wing cavalry to position them so that they can be reached by an Austrian charge movement (14 inches) on Turn One.

The Prussian right flank infantry deployment.

A view down the entire Prussian line.

Austrian cavalry on their left wing.

And finally, a view of Austrian general Neipperg and staff in the town of Mollwitz.



  1. Very nice set up. Looking forward to the battle report

  2. What a beautiful and impressively sized table you set there - the Old Fritz would have been pleased no doubt!

  3. Gorgeous - love to see that setup

  4. Looking very good Jim. Love your winter terrain and table.

  5. The table and troops look amazing. You are an evil, evil man!

    Best Regards,


  6. Nice to see the Battle of Mollwitz again - we made a participation game three years ago on the "Hamburger Tactica".