Friday, October 31, 2014

Minden Russian Artillery Masters

Russian 6-pounder

I received the pictures of the completed masters for the SYW Russian artillery 6-pdr, 12-pdr, Shuvalov Howitzer and 12-pd Unicorn.

So I would imagine that by the end of 2014, we should have the Austrian and Russian arrtillery (and possibly wagons too) in production. Also, we already have Austrian and Prussian artillery train drivers and all of the limber horses have been replaced with new once sculpted by Richard - the old models have been discontinued. There are also two new civilian drivers, one wearing a coat and tricorn and the other in waistcoat and brimmed, floppy hat. The civilian in tricorn could probably be used as a military driver in various armies, such as the Russian army.

Russian 12-pound Unicorn

Russian 12-pounder

Russian Shuvalov Howitzer


  1. All great news... and hopefully the Russian artillery crews won't be too far behind the guns.

    Any previews as to what the 2015 plans are? I'm assuming we are going to see some russians, but will the other nations see any additions?


  2. Oooooooo might have to increase my SYW Russians to accommodate more artillery,