Sunday, June 15, 2014

Painted Pix: Tarleton's Legion & 17th Light Dragoons

British Legion (7 poses) from Fife & Drum Miniatures. (Click to enlarge)

Well, here they are. I have finished painting "onesies" of each of the new British Legion cavalry (7 different poses) and the British 17th Light Dragoons (4 different poses). I also have four new 3rd Continental Dragoons that I have yet to paint, but I hope to get them done and posted this week.

I have started mailing out all of the Kickstarter orders to backers. I have to take the packages to the post office in small batches of up to 6 boxes, because Mrs. Fritz broke her left wing and can't carry anything of substantial weight (and she was my mid-week courier). So most of the orders will be mailed on Saturdays, but I should have most of them in the mail by the end of June.

British Legion Command
British Legion charging with swords drawn.

Two charging poses and one hacking.

Shouldered sword and firing pistol.
And here are the British 17th Light Dragoons. They spent the latter part of the war fighting in the Carolinas, attached to Tarleton's British Legion. The men of the 17th refused to don the green coats, but instead, kept their red regimentals (and/or wore smocks in the summer months).

British 17th Light Dragoons - all four poses.

Reverse side of the previous picture.


  1. Wonderful figures. Wish I could justify some more troops for my AWI armies.

  2. Really the best on this subject!
    Great painting!
    It's coming soon the British Legion, also on my blog.
    See you soon

  3. Excellent work, British Legion is really impressive!

  4. Excellent brushwork, Jim. Very nice figures, and I can see these giving the "Froggies" a run for their money as the 15th LD, too. Commiserations to Mrs Fritz & I hope she recovers well & soon. Cheers, Rohan.