Wednesday, January 8, 2014

French Artillery in the SYW

Minden French Artillery Crew (MF-006) manning a 12-pounder (AE-10) from the Fife & Drum range of artillery equipment (click pix to enlarge).

This is one of my favorite pictures, depicting the Minden Miniatures set of French Artillery Crew (stock # MF-006) loading a Fife & Drum French 12-pounder (stock# AE-10). If  you click on the picture to see it at full size, please note the size of the cannon relative to the men. The French Valliere System 12-pounder was a rather large and impressive piece of equipment.

French Valliere System cannon (L-R): Swedish 4-pdr, long 4-pdr, 8-pdr and 12-pdr.

French crew, 12-pounder and heavy limber.

As much as I like the Prussians, I think that the French have one of the best looking artillery uniforms of the Seven Years War era: the long loose coat with red facings and the red waistcoat and breeches makes for a visually pleasing appearance. Whenever I look at this picture, I almost get the urge to start painting a French army so that I can use these figures on the table top. Maybe in the near-term I can simply paint a battery of two 12-pounders, a pair of limbers, and some ammo wagons; as well as a crew  of 4 men in coats and another 2 to 4 pioneer figures in waistcoats (no coats) to serve as the laborers who have to drag the gun back into position after each firing. Add in a couple of limbers (AE-25) and a pair of limber horse (AE-8) and you have everything that you need to equip and paint a splendid French heavy artillery battery.

In 2014, I hope to be able to add the Valliere 16-pounder and the 8-inch howitzer to the artillery range. Let the fun begin!

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  1. Ah, some days i don't visit Jim's blog and much many new images to see.

    Great artillery, its clear in future also frog's cannons must be in my collection^^.
    Now i have really thoughts about.... Austrian cannons. Surely also in your (far) consideration.