Friday, December 20, 2013

Troiani's Battle of Trenton

This is a wonderful picture from the talented artist, Don Troiani, depicting the death of Colonel von Rall at the Battle of Trenton on Christmas of 1776.

This picture really has me thinking about our future releases of AWI Hessians in 2014.


  1. Living, as I do, approx. 20 minutes from the actual site of the painting, your post has brought a smile to my face.

    Looking forward to great things from you and F&D miniatures in 2014!!

  2. Maybe some skirmishing poses, or different stages of loading and firing as we see in this painting?

    Best Regards,


  3. I agree with Heinz-Ulrich! Especially because there is really good evidence the Hessians did employ skirmishers. General von Heister makes this clear in several of his letters.

  4. Well I'm thinking that if we provide some of the Hessians in firing line poses, that I could also employ them as SYW Prussians

  5. Absolutely right, those Hessians can be easily used as Prussian Fusiliers. And like Jim commented, firing line would be really fine, because Minden Miniatures have the advancing ones.
    Only question for me, with laces, without... with lapels, without... and so on ;). Not only Prussians used different details, also Hessians^^.
    Clear if you want to convert Troianis painting, then realising those who are shown.
    Anyway each model i am able to 'use' also for SYW is best for me ;).

  6. I haven't purchased many figures from the Minden range in the past due to the lack of firing line poses. Additions of these poses to any of the Minden nationalities would be most welcome.

  7. Now you have got my attention.
    Merry Christmas,