Monday, November 18, 2013

Prussian IR49 Fusilier Regiment - Minden Miniatures

IR49 Von Diericke Fusilier Regiment in Frederick the Great's Prussian army.

Over the weekend, I finished painting the second battalion of the IR49 von Diericke Fusilier Regiment in Frederick the Great's Prussian army. The organization of my Minden Miniatures armies is to paint two battalions of each regiment that I have in my army. I painted the first battalion of the regiment several years ago and only got around to adding the second battalion. The flags are from GMB Designs and the figures, of course, are Minden Miniatures. Each regiment of two battalions also has a mounted regimental officer. I use 30 figures per battalion or approximately a ratio of 1:20 figures to actual men.

IR49 - second battalion, Minden Miniatures painted by Der Alte Fritz.

Closeup view of the battalion, note the carpenter/pioneer/zimmerman standing to the right of the colour bearers.

I am working towards painting enough Minden Austrians and Prussians to run a Lobositz wargame at the next Seven Years War Association Convention in South Bend, Indiana at the end of March 2014. I may also bring the same game/scenario with me to Historicon in 2014.

I currently have 10 battalions of infantry in each army (Austrian and Prussian) and will need about 4 regiments of cuirassiers and dragoons for the cavalry contingent. I will be using the scenario that Charles S. Grant wrote of in his book, "The Wargame Companion".

Important Announcement! Minden Miniatures are now available in the United States!

The shipping department of Fife & Drum/Minden Miniatures has been very busy packing orders for customers all over the world including Australia, Austria, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Canada. In fact the sales have been so brisk that I had to reorder a lot of stock, so the shelves are currently brimming with inventory ready to ship.

Oddly enough though, there have been very few Minden orders from customers in the United States. So I thought that I would re-announce the fact that we now stock both ranges here in the United States and that in most cases, I can ship US orders the next day.

I have been experimenting with a flat rate shipping charge of $4.00 for all domestic US orders and $10.00 for all International orders, regardless of weight and cost. I am now extending this offer through the end of 2013, having previously indicated that this program would only run through November. So flat rate shipping will continue through at least December 31, 2013.

Hesse Seewald Garde du Corps

Prussian cuirassiers painted as an Imaginary Hesse Seewald Garde du Corps.
I have been experimenting with a Garde du Corps cuirassier regiment for the Kingdom of Hesse Seewald. I have always thought that they Prussian Garde du Corps would look pretty nifty if they sported a red kollet (coat) rather thant the tradition buff colored kollet. You can see the results in the picture above. click the picture(s) to enlarge the view.



  1. Very classy, Fritz! I like 'em! Well done!

  2. Yep! Have wanted to add this particular regiment to my own forces for quite some time thanks to the orange breeches and vests. You've set the standard very high with your own two battalions.

    Best Regards,


  3. Love the fusiliers; the Garde de Coprs look good in red kollet

    -- Allan